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How much Mounting is important in your Painting Frame - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Mounting in any painting frame is very very important as as I hang up a few new framed artworks it seems so great to see how much wonderful the artworks really look.  The style and beauty quotient of your art  rises 200% !
A good frame gives a  body  to  your painting. As artist put their soul into making any piece of art, be it in oils , pencils sketches or water colors the love is of no less intensity as the art for making any art.
Select wider mountings for smaller detailed artworks will not only increase the value of your art but also focus more draw attention to the detailed art piece. Red,   maroon, off white, yellows and grays and blacks mountings of different colors are available and a  good framer will guide you which color mounting to select for the framing of your precious artworks.
Art, any painting is incomplete without a frame, as I see, it looks finished , complete only  when the painting is set in the right frame.
While on this spiritual journey as I continue to paint healing art....
I wish to make  simple colorful understandable symbolic art,  art that heals. Portfolio