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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fashion Statement Jewellery Hand Made Welcome 2016 with Best Energy! Practical and contemporary Hand Made Jewellery ! Easy care pieces Jewellery!

Happy new Year! As I continue to be obsessed over colored stones adding the ones that connect, loving them and as they love me back, this beautiful year 2016 has come up with more focus on practical wearable jewellery pieces.
Hand made is taking the most prominent place due to its uniqueness and strong feng shui energy.
Uinisex designs rule jewellery pieces!
Wearable down to earth pieces!
Practical and contemporary!
Easy care pieces Jewellery!
Reasonable and pocket friendly Jewellery! so you can have different style statement pieces for every occassion.
and of Course Really Loves your skin! as hand made jewellery is made from natural materials! and with the creativity and love of the designer!
Each piece is a show stopper piece and sharing a wonderful Awesome artist and her creations. Long fashion statement necklaces that are hand made light in weight and good for your skin! Lourdes Zuniga has these lovely hand made necklaces that are truly amazing, in design and creativity and I loved the green one especially with its intricate web designing in yarn and the glistening stones! a beautiful energy connecting right to your heart chakra, and healing! These are available on her shop at
The long design of the necklace just falls right in place of your heart , healing your heart chakra while you wear it with color and energy.
Fashion Statement Long Necklace by Lourdes Zuniga on Etsy
quoted description-   "This Braided Chunky Designers Jewelry Statement Tribal Necklace is crocheted with several strands of gorgeous shimmering Non Allergenic yarns. Love2Style4UFashion* designer fashion accessories are especially designed for stylish women. Be the envy of all your friends by wearing this unique crocheted Braided Chunky necklace! This is perfect for day or evening wear, a fabulous accessory for every season.

For an elegant touch this piece is hand crochet with beautiful Crystal beads...really wonderful combination! 

This is perfect for day or evening wear, a fabulous accessory for spring, summer, fall and winter season. Made from durable yet lightweight cotton yarns, this necklace is also great for the beach or traveling! This yarn is perfect for those that live in humid climates, as it feels lighter than a feather on the skin. Just slip it over your head, perfect solution for anyone who is allergic to metals, a wonderful addition to your accessories collection. This is a beautiful necklace that can be dressy or casual depending on your outfit. My crocheted necklaces are so lightweight and cool you'll forget you are wearing one, except for the compliments you'll receive!"
Hand Made Charms Bracelet Lourdes Zuniga on Etsy
Awestruck by the hand made jewellery designs and their natural earthy energy,  all going with your most trendy contemporary designer wear!
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best and Have a Great 2016!


  1. Jewelry made by hand is everywhere. They can be found in art and craft shows or are all over the internet. But what I feel is that, exhibitions are the best place to buy this kind of jewelry because building the foundation is necessary. Talk to them and know them as an artist. Know their story and what inspired them.

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  2. Agreed Rahul, yes it is another experience to talk to the artist, the process they make and then really appreciate the hand made jewellery!exhibitions do offer a large wide amount of choice for buyers, Thank you for coming by,
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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