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Monday, February 1, 2021

Earring effect on career? which gemstone for selling products luck?

 Earrings are linked to your body. The ear piercings have direct connection to our body part and we can activate our body luck, feng shuii and chi with use of correct gemstone earrings. Avoid using red stones in too many numbers for earrings. Usually we have gold balancing the energy of red stones.  Earrings bring in energy of pairs.

Green emerald stones are very beautiful. Opal stone is very auspicious. Auspicious shapes earrings attract career luck. In feng shuii circle shape represents the element metal. Hoop earrings are Awesum.

If you are in a profession of selling products or online store for selling goods you can benefit from the use of gemstones luck. Moonstone finger ring of square shape is very good.

Wear an emerald gemstone finger ring in your little finger.

Some of lucky gemstone finger rings

Gemstone colour blue, Opal is good, and sapphire too is auspicious.

Purify the earrings and start wearing them on a Wednesday before ten.  Put intentions to the gemstones for your wish fulfillment.  Display the earrings in north sector as a form of art on your wall! Pyramid shape is auspicious and also the turtle of gemstone. Display at entrance of your shop.  If you have an online shop or website for selling products keep the gemstone near your laptop.

If you doubt about gemstones choice and are hesitant then play safe with diamonds. Choose good quality branded platinum and diamonds for fantastic luck activation. Earrings are safe but with finger rings every finger has its energy. Left hand gives out energy-the giving hand. Right hand is the receiver's hand. Drawing energy. 

All the Best from Rizwana!

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