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Friday, January 15, 2021

Which Stone for Purchasing House? Gemstone for new home/ Correct Procedure to wear gemstone ring

 Want to buy a new house? rental living people or those living on sharing basis and having a dream to own a home. gemstones do help here. Opal is seen to help many so also is Sapphire. Always buy gemstones with utmost care and only those that you feel comfortable with. Emerald is one beautiful stone that never hurts anyone. I have found this to be the safest and result oriented stone for any wish fulfillment.

Buy your new home now!

Dreams and owning a property or home ahs Earth energy requirements. Place a Opal ring in the north east of your home. Procedure is very important. Buy a good quality gemstone ring or stone ball, pyramid, cube or pendant. See that there are no abnormalities seen in the gemstone. Anything you feel negative viewing the stone or holding it in palm, or hurts your eye is not good for your wish. I would always bet on Emerald. Wearing this emerald stone ring also is a wonderful energy for career, job and business luck.
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Once you buy the stone keep it for three days with you in drawer or dressing table shelf and observe it. This way you form a connection with the gemstone. 

You will wash it with mildly salty water and then pure filtered water. Wipe it clean with soft muslin white cloth(pre washed cloth and not new because now material has starch).  

Do every act with love, remember you have to form a bond with the gemstone for it to work as a friend and assist you. I have the habit of always kissing my gemstone rings and jewelry every time I wear them and remove them. that way they give you back love manifolds. I want you to understand that every gemstone has its own energy. All stones love you if you love and respect them. Except for the Red stone, affected by shani, mars planet, be careful and if possible void all red coloured stones anywhere. Love energy ahs to come from within, you can smile for your stone, talk to your stone and even carry it in your purse, place it in drawer, on side table, juts see that no one else touches it and never give or lend your personal luckiest stone jewelry to anyone. 

So, coming back to the ritual of gemstone. After you clean it and dry it well the NexT step is energy activation. That begins at early sunrise time you have to burn incense and allow the gemstone to soak in mild early sunrise energy. Sunlight is very pure energy from heaven and basic for survival. Hence since ancient times' people do Surya namaskar as they wake up. You must thank the sun rays each day and this habit of Gratitude will bring more good health and wealth to you. Hence in Feng shuii East is a wonderful sector for health, relationships and wealth. 

One of the main steps which many people don't know and never do is intentions. You have to have a focused intention. Here put the intent of whatever is your wish. 

Place it in the best feng shuii sector. 

As for the Title, yes, for buying a new home you place the stone in North east. Also try Feng shuii tips- add bird painting of single bird flying with a chit, note written with your wish. I have experienced this to work wonders. The bird flying direction is important here. You want to move out from this house. 

Where to avoid placing gemstones? North west, never place stones here. The energy is of air, breeze and everything that flies away from here. never keep money here, it will move away!

For wearing a gemstone finger ring do all the above steps and wear it before ten in morning. 8 and 9.30 is the best for most people, generally safe time to wear any gemstone finger ring. I prefer to avoid suggesting Saturdays to begin wearing any gemstone ring. I have noticed Tuesday and Thursday give good results. Birth stones do have their own energy but usually these are safe days and safe time so that you do not get confused.

Some of my beauties

How will this work? gradually or instantly, depends upon all the right combinations you are doing, that is personal lucky n umber, personality number, house feng shuii activated and gemstone energy added. The Universe acts beautifully and gemstones assist you with her. You may get opportunities, new house projects come in front of you that are in your budget, you find unexpectedly raise in salary, you open up to offers and loans, home loans become easy to get and maybe great offers on new home purchases, concessions and major amenities free facilities, there is no limit to how the Universe blesses you, if she wishes! Trust the process, have pure intentions, Be open to receive! Go ahead!

Remember the Universe has everything in abundance, tap it correctly and gemstones are a beautiful way to add some pizzazz to your life, glam quotient and energy luck!

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Hope this helps!

All the Best from Rizwana!   

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