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What to look out for while purchasing Pure Diamonds Buying diamond jewellery Important Tips

What to look out for while purchasing Pure Diamonds Buying diamond jewellery Important Tips Each genuine piece of jewellery, be it finger ring, earrings, pendant, necklace or loose diamond stones comes with a certificate. Never purchase a diamond , without this authenticity certificate, even from known sources , without this certificate. Buying a certified diamond stone jewellery guarantees its authenticity and also while resale is beneficial to have this knowledge about the genuinity of the stone. Each piece of Branded diamond stone jewellery made with diamonds or semi precious stones is one of a piece only and has its unique card of authenticity certificate. The certificate is given while purchasing the jewellery and it will have the details about the diamond clarity and cut, shape of the stone and the size along with the photograph of the piece of jewellery. Your diamond stone jewellery will come with an authenticity certificate and this assures you the originality of the jewellery pi…

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Are you scared to choose and buy a gemstone? How to clear these doubts and add gemstones magik to your life? 9 Best Ways To Add Gemstones Luck without any Confusion!

Scared to buy gemstones? don't know which is your birthstone? how will this affect you?
So many doubts come and even though you keep searching Google for information and read so much about effects of gemstones and birthstones, still the doubt prevails.  How to clear these doubts and add gemstones magik to your life? The post is an answer to the many inquiries coming by email and even though we have so much knowledge on Google yet the insecurities of no guarantee and no reputable reference stops people from buying and adding gemstones in their life. And Oh, what a loss! because Gemstones really work wonders to your life energy, luck and career.  ( beautiful ways to add gemstones luck. Try it, it works! First let us ponder into what can go wrong with the wrong gemstones? 1) major effects begin within three days. Serious side effects can be confusion, undue inner pressure, outer argument and irritability, unreasonable anger, and the list is long, as each one experiences the side effe…

Swarovski Crystal World Austria Best original Swarovski Shopping are these diamonds? do swarovski crystals heal?

The Swarovski Crystal world , Austria, amidst serene mountains , eveyr where an aura of fresh air and majestic mountains, Swiss alps. entrance is amazingly afresh with a inviting water fall. The Goodluck Brave horse Chetak finds an prominent place as you enter the museum, swarovski world.  You will be awestruck by the beauty surrounding you! Swarovski is precision cut glass, but , Oh! so beautiful! clarity, reflective properties and colours, absolute magic!

 Swarovski are man made gems manufactured in Austria. In 1892 Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for making sharp precise cut , high quality, lead glass crystals  using quartz, sand and minerals. A world famous brand name , Swarovski is precision cut  crystal glass. They are not found naturally on Earth. Hence crystals are also referred to as man made Diamonds. They so resemble to Diamonds but they are not real diamonds.
About healing properties of Swarovski crystals- These are man made with added energy of processing and machine…

Ordered Online Gemstone Jewellery OOPs didn't know this!

Online jewelry websites and online gemstone jewellery shops sites, fantastic options. So many designs, varieties, over flowing Awesumness!I am hooked!
I ordered semi precious gemstone jewelry, it comes quite cheap and what more each outfit for every occasion can now have a different piece of jewelry set. Loving the uniqueness of show stoppers in each function, I , who would never wear artificial or semi precious jewelry also indulged in some with times.
So received the pack, loved the designs.
What I didn't like was that few stones(semi precious) were not even stuck properly. A drop pearl dropped as I opened the packing..sad..
And was shocked by the weight! OMG! so heavy ear rings!Next time you buy jewelry online please see the exact size of the set, ear rings and neck lace And also inquire about the weight of the pieces. Had to give away as there was no reason to return it, well, the product was supplied as shown and weight was not mentioned anywhere!

Well, do read reviews with e…

My Amethyst Changes Colour! How My Amethysts acts Crazy!Why Amethyst Goes White?

Why my Amethyst acts crazy! My Amethysts turns White! why? strange but true and happens so many times, has it to do with my body energy or environment but it sometimes acts crazy! It has also gone seriously dark around negative energies, yes, i felt it! then also health, and my body energy, it loves me so much it reacts as if souls are connected!
 Being a true Aquarian, my birthstone, Amethyst, I usually avoided this stone, I have a small precious necklace set, and somehow I felt energy drained and wear it sparingly. Even though it is made in sterling silver, and this one I picked up from road side from an antique stone seller, and this has been a wonder in my life.
I don't know how much protection it gives me, but it sure acts crazy and is quiet entertaining for me at times.  As I look at it sometimes it looks absolutely white, and I actually wondered whether I was bluffed by the antique seller. Yes,  I do spend less amounts, if I connect and love anything I buy it,  when there …

Gifting Semi Precious Gemstone Earrings This Valentines ! Check the Weight!

Wishing You A Very Happy 2018! For the love of Gemstones ! as I conti  nue to add up to my little box of jewelry, semi precious stones and a lot of ear rigns! love ear rings, they just have this magic of completing your fabulous festive dressed up look instantly!
Oops! Yes, just added a few of the fancy chandelier and chand bali earrings to my little box of semi precious gemstone jewelry. No, I never sued to wear these till a few years back, it was only gold diamonds and platinum. But with the latest trends and the rates of jewelry going so high , the risk factors increasing to wear precious jewelry, what more than to flaunt latest trends in jewellery, and that too in such a cheap price!
So    I have begun adding semi precious gemstones, they come at an affordable rate and if you buy from authentic shops and jewelers you get to enjoy the shine for years.
semi precious Diamonds , gemstones are trending and are quite cheap and you get to order on line.
What I learned?
1) yes, you just s…

Benefits of Amethyst February Stone Aquarius Birthstone Stone Long Necklace

Amethyst a beautiful lilac purple gemstone, semi precious stone, a birth stone for the birth sign Aquarius is a beautiful stone widely and universally used by healers.
Amethysts stone has properties of protection and healing.With its history of protecting Kings from getting poisoned or drunk, the stone harmonizes the body and balances the thoughts.
The stone has its energy that helps protection from negative influnecs and negative energy. I have a beautiful finger ring that actually changes color with energy, and becomes absolutely purple or sometimes transparent!
Long necklaces are fashion statement pieces and can be worn with gowns and flowy dresses. Sarees and ethnic wear also brings out the beauty of long necklaces.
the benefits of wearing a long necklace is that the stone directly connects to your naval chakra. the Gut, the solar plexus chakra. You can choose the gemstones that you require for balance and harmonization of your chakra energy and wear these for your benefit.

Be careful while buying Jewelry at Tourist Spots 3 lessons My Missing Earring from Jaipur Haat Amer Palace Road

Be careful while buying costly gemstones and jewelry at tourist destinations. 1) Lesson well learnt in this Jaipur trip, is that what ever the shop you buy always check for the goods you have purchased. It sounds silly to open the packing to check but it is well worth in case anything is missing. I know mistakes happen, we do have to keep human error at hand , but the incomplete set speaks to me as if longing for their family!
2) Reputed stores and reputed shops too may not answer your queries! so when you buy it is all upto you!better take opinions of someone or go along in a group for suggestions to avoid any losses and it is better to be selective in purchasing from such tourist destinations.
3) If you can , avoid purchasing costly gemstones and jewellery from unknown places Tourist spots! this is one lesson that will be well remembered! go in for cheaper items as souvenirs. If you end up with  a missing ear ring or a broken piece you will not feel much!
With loads of happy exper…

Coloured Stones Gemstones of Jaipur Udaipur Lots of New Additions Obsessed over Stones!

Jaipur Ajmer Udaipur a Exceptionally Awesum family trip, a much awaited family vacation after a long time,  was refreshing and a real treat to all garden and ethnic wear and gemstone lovers!  Not only will you find amazingly beautiful garden designing but also exceptionally rare and scientifically cool or warm gardens. Sahelion Ki Baari, Sheesh Mahal , Palaces, Udaipur Palace, gardens, Jagdish temple, lake Fatehsagar Udaipur is Fantastically serene and vast. Palaces, bazaars, gardens and of course Pink everywhere, hence it is known as the pink city and the city of lakes! There is also a Vintage cars collection that is open for viewing for car lovers! Must visit tourist spots, we selected a few that are really beautiful we were on a short trip. Full of folk and ethnic culture, thoroughly enjoyed the Puppet show and the traditional attire dressing up, clicked tons of photos and loved best was the Amber Palace, Amer Palace. Gardens, Flowers, and Art, culture, paintings, Artefacts, Jaipur U…

Yellow Aqeek Yemeni Yellow Gemstone for Gut Strength and Healing Solar Plexus

Aqeek the gemstone with mystical history. Known for its immense benefits , it is well known that the yellow stone blesses those whom it wishes and that too in immensely beautiful ways. Though the stone has its origin with loads of benefits in Islam it is universal stone and is used for protection and goodluck.
The yellow colour, the colour of the solar plexus. Gut strength! do check out my latest collection of Healing art "Gut Strength".
When we see yellow, this colour has never got its due respect, and I had often heard yellow does not connect with everyone. This is the chakra colour of solar plexus, the root cause from where all desires come up. All fears, anxieties and restricted feelings. The lack of energy here is seen in form of health problems regarding kidneys, stomach, back aches, spine imbalance,  and usually lower part of body problems. people suffering from weak solar plexus are often timid and introverted with weak digestive system, mostly loose motions or cons…