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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Unique Bespoke Gemstone Jewellery Raw Gemstones and Hand Made Jewellery Best Earth Luck

Raw Gemstones, always has an earthy appeal and also great feng shui energy.
The most trendy in gemstone jewelry today is going from the unique cuts to the raw irregular shaped jewelry. Its just how beautiful they look, naturally, rather than bringing in human elements and machine cuts. Simply natural forms and shapes are great for an impressionable appearance for the confident fashion conscious woman!
Hand Made Quartz Ear Rings on Etsy

Raw Pyrite Unique Design Finger Rings
Hand made is another one that gets thumbs up as people are becoming more aware of going the earth eco friendly way.
I have always wanted uniqueness in jewellery and these pieces are just what every woman would love! Customized gemstone jewelry piece of finger rings, ear rings and neck pieces that scream for attention!
Found these hand made unique pieces of
Its amazing how these artists come up with uniquue and innovative designs and that too hand made, the Best Combination of Energy beauty and good luck!
Bespoke Gemstone Jewellery! Lets go Eco Friendly this 2016!
Wishing All My Readers of Obsessed Over Stones  a Merry Christmas and A Very Very Happy Prosperous New Year Ahead!
Thank you very much for coming by my blog, commenting, liking and sharing my posts , I hope my knowledge spreads happiness, cheer and good luck to each one of you! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Unique Horse Shoe Diamond Finger Ring Symbolism and How To Wear Horse Shoe Finger Ring

Unique Horse Shoe Diamond Finger Ring symbolizes good luck and great abundance if used and worn correctly. Hoses symbolize strong energy and horses by kings used to come loaded with treasures. Hence the symbol of good luck and  prosperity. A well run horse who has galloped many years, seen longer life, is best energy horse shoe.
Unique Horse Shoe Shaped Finger ring
Horse shoe, the symbol of good luck and protection used since ages , hung over main entrance doors is now available in unique gemstone jewelry. So if it is not possible to hang horse shoe on door, this is one creative way to invite good luck and protection luck.
Many individuals facing crises and negative energy issues as well as wealth issues choose unique horse shoe shaped finger ring to null the negative effects of their stars.
Choosing a horse shoe shaped finger ring-
1) be very careful of choosing a neat and smooth edges horse shoe ring. sharp edges will affect your luck.
2) Try not to combine other images with this shape in ring as this is for protective energy and the new design with a bird or a flower  with horse  shoe design will   be confusing.
3) Gifting a horse shoe finger ring do take care that the finger it is worn best is middle finger representing self growth.
4) Try avoiding this shape for wedding rings but if you do then choose in pairs same / similar design type.
5) Try to avoid birth stones in horse shoe rings. Metal is best material. Do not wear artificial materials horse shoe shaped finger ring  as this will drive away  your luck.
How To Wear Horse Shoe Finger Ring
The shape itself is symbolic of storing good luck. Wear it to collect good luck! The middle finger of right hand is best for horse shoe shaped finger ring. Do not wear some one else's  horse shoe shaped finger ring as it will carry the energy of that person. Do not share your finger rings. Always wear the rings with good intentions and hope to see changes soon.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Where to hang Horse Paintings
Your Smile and Feng Shui
Paint Your Own Good Luck Trees

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black Gem Stone Turtle Rings and Black Gemstone Tortoise Shaped Pendants Black Jasper Black Obsidian Black Black Pearl Onlyx

Black Gemstone Tortoise Shaped Pendant 
Black stone, Jasper, Agate, onyx, Black diamond, Black pearl, Black Opal, Black Obsidian,  and many shiny black stones all have greats symbolic value. Cleanses negative energies, protects from evil eye, and increases confidence.
People in field of communication and dealing with decision making can benefit immensely from black colored gemstones The color black is healing and absorbs all that is imperfect. When we  paint the  strongest color is black and it covers all flaws and other colors. Black gemstones are beautiful and shine in light. The Black gemstoens found with opaque surfaces reflect the images and they are found to be soothing.
Usually used by healers as  protective shell, the stone helps to keep one grounded to earth energy. Healers are also  known to use this and benefit from black gemstones, connect with their spirit  guides and spirits through this black stone. The Black Obsidian stone helps to clear off the negative energies from you day to day life and especially for healers who tend to attract all the negativity of the healee. Angers, frustration, fear, and hate that lingers around reflects black from the shiny surfaces of the black gemstones.
Turtle and Tortoise shaped jewelry in black gemstone is used of the same purposes. The wearer chooses the black stone Turtle shaped ring or pendant for protection and luck. People who have low confidence, feelings of fear, insecurities and tend to attract negativity from others benefit greatly by the healing energies of black colored gemstones.
If you choose this black stone, just take care to wear it for few months only and then give it some rest. too much exposure to black gemstones and black stone jewelry tend to make people aloof, over confident and maybe lonely.
Wearing Turtle shaped finger rings with black gemstones avoid wearing this in little finger. From booth hand left  is preferred.  If you choose a Tortoise shaped Black gemstone pendant do not wear it continuously for many months. You can alternate with other gemstones.
But its a beautiful stone and I love it, Still on my wish list I have yet to connect with one, I do have a dark blue , a beautiful sparkling ultramarine blue that looks almost black but is not black, and glitters in sunshine!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Golden Topaz Gemstone Manifestor of Dreams and Wishes Money Attractor November Birth Stone Topaz

Golden Topaz Gemstone Yellow Imperial Topaz
Yellow Topaz, Imperial Topaz promotes good health, wealth and protection.
Silver White Topaz pale white promotes peace, and helps in finding the right path. Topaz stone for the Zodiac sign Sagitarius, Birthstone for November.
Imperial topaz , Faceted Topaz and this stone is found in blue, yellow, light brown, pink, white and even clear Topaz.
The color of the solar plexus, it is a vibrant yellowish orangy colored gemstone. The Topaz stone is believed to attract immense luck and helps balance the solar plexus which is the main chakra for desires and growth.
Love and acceptance, strength and will to work power, protection, and wealth.
The Topaz stone is a connector with the divine will and it helps to find the best path for you. It attracts wealth and good luck for the wearer.
Yellow Topaz and blue are loved by many so also the silver white or clear Topaz and is made in many modern gemstone jewellery.
Your dreams, desires and wishes manifested , the stone gives that extra energy and even attracts mentors and helpful friends in your lives.
The Golden Topaz as with its name attracts money and wealth. A goal manifestor the Golden Topaz stone is great to be worn near the body in any form of jewellery.
Mostly people choose to wear Topaz stone in finger rings but the best place for this would be near the naval and this is the chakra corresponding to the color and its vibrations and power are best felt when it connects here.
A good way to bring this Topaz stone in you life would be a long necklace or a pendant with long chain, it would be great!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Elephant Jewelry box in Wood Best Box to Store Gemstone jewelry Elephant Box! Symbolism of Elephants

Elephant Jewelry box in Wood Best Box to Store Gemstone jewelry Elephant Box, the Elephant shape has an emotional as well as spiritual energy symbolism. Right from the elephant headed God Ganesha to the Airavata, my Friend, Elephants have a special connection with their humble nature, family loving energy and stability and strength.
Elephant Box made in wood has great feng shui energy as it has thee best energy of wood. Wood and earth are the basic feng shui energy that helps to attract stability and growth.
Elephants are very strong and powerful animals and have immense Feng shuii symbolism. They are symbols of strength, stability, family togetherness and love. Having your spirit guide the Elephant has a lot of blessings coming by. You will always find support and guidance and mentors who assist you in known and unknown ways in your life journey. I am really blessed to have connected!
Elephant Wooden Jewelry Box The Reiki White Elephant Airavaat Healing Paintings
Wood is an element that goes well for all energies and birth months and brings a secure feeling. Wooden boxes for storing jewelry carved, painted and of course the many designs in contemporary jewelry boxes are really attractive , just like the jewelry today.
While metal and other materials used to make jewelry boxes can react with the energy of gemstones wood is always the best for all types of jewelry. I love the wooden carved jewelry boxes that have been handed over , they are antiques, and still strong enough as compared to the new ones. and the Elephant shape embedded on this brings added luck.
Usually the antique hand carved wooden jewelry boxes have elephant tusk  ivory, images embedded.The designs range from floral to geometric to the animal symbols, in that the Elephant being the most popular today after the peacock designs.  
Airavaat The White Elephant of Gods  Paintings The White Reiki Elephant AiravaatGrandeur the Modern Airavaat
Wooden boxes have a special  feeling and are the best way to store  all jewelry as they are power packed with wood element energy. Feng shuii element for growth and success. It helps us to connect with Mother Earth and bring int eh energy in our life.
While buying wooden jewellery boxes check that the wood is good quality and that the  varnish, surface, has dried well and the exposed surfaces are smooth and not sticky or rough.  Do check the inside , as it   has to be coated /covered with fine silk or velvet material to keep your jewelry protected from getting ab raised.
All the Best from Rizwana!
 Placement Tips of Elephants as Infertility Cures i...

Experience live Reiki energy flow here on my You Tube Channel with this Sigil healing arts meditation video here for breaking money spells and opening the flow of wealth
Love gemstones, check my original Reiki healing paintings inspired by gemstones  Gemstones Luck Paintings

All Photographs, Paintings, and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved ©  Rizwana A.MundewadiDO NOT COPY FOR FEAR OF KARMA

Friday, November 6, 2015

Modern leg Jewellery Swarovski Anklets Contemporary leg Ornaments thigh chains for Dressing up your feet

Swarovski  Contemporary Gemstone Jewelry Anklets on
Feet, they deserve dressing up! in style, from the silver anklets to funky contemporary gemstone studded anklets , feet jewelry is taking a major space along with other body parts. While the baju bandh and the kamar bandh are hot trending today we  see a lot of creative expression in dressing up feet with colored stones.
Leg jewelry is gaining importance as feet today well pedicured and treated well do deserve the lime lite. Leg chains are beautiful ,not only worn around the anklets but we have modern thigh chains and decorative designs in thigh chains. Found this one on . For short dresses and shorts and minis these are awesum!
Foot anklets, foot cuffs, and toe rings are again another way to bring in leg jewelry in your dressing up. Gemstones and metals in contemporary modern trendy designs and styles are available online from many stores. From large sized anklets to minimalist designs and from sleek single metal ones to colorful more elaborate patterns and designs. What more you can choose your birth stone and lucky shapes in leg jewelry to invite good luck  and good health. All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unique Elephant Gemstone Jewellery Animal Totem Symbolism Good Luck Elephant shaped Finger rings Jewellery

Cute Baby elephant finger Ring in Silver
 Unique elephants shaped finger rings and pendants are being selected for their awesum symbolism and good luck elephants have been special animals since ages from the love of the elephant headed God Ganesha, and still do as strong symbols of auspicious luck.
Unique Elephant shaped finger ring
Protection for negative energies, attracting wealth and family caring supportive energy , all this and much more from the beautiful shaped elephants.  As Elephants are known to protect their family, honour and go till the last breath saving their loved ones, these have been strong symbols for good relationships and family support.
Wear the unique elephant finger rings with positive intentions and welcome the blessings. It has been discussed  as to the way these elephant shaped finger rings are worn,
1) The elephant with a trunk raised can ward away wealth as it symbolizes preparing for war or attack. 2) Then it also is seen that the elephant trunk is down straight, as in walking motion, this one can be soothing and good for everyone.
Silver Unique Elephant Shaped Finger Ring
3) Baby elephants finger rings are cute and innocent and do not harm anyone when worn in any way.
4) Pendants in elephant shape can be worn with the head of the elephant facing either side of body and never towards body and heart.
5) Stones are great, as Jade and Rose quartz, are favorites for elephant shaped pendants and finger rings.
Pair of Jade Elephants
6) Avoid wearing irregular abnormal  shaped elephant jewelry and one eyed or broken figure elephant shaped jewelry.
It is believed that these Elephants bring good luck, and good health to the wearers, protecting them from any ill coming their way.
The Elephant of Gods! Healing Paintings  The Reiki White Elephant AiravaatGrandeur the Modern Airavaat

Diamonds Unique Elephant Pendant
Meanwhile as during a Reiki meditation session , appeared the white one, I have begin painting these expression my love , that was already there for the Elephant Headed! Sharing one of the blessings of My Airavaat,  
 The White Elephant A

God Bless and  All the Best from Rizwana!

Love gemstones, check my original Reiki healing paintings inspired by gemstones  Gemstones Luck Paintings

All Photographs, Paintings, and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © Rizwana A.MundewadiDO NOT COPY FOR FEAR OF KARMA

Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Wear a Gemstone for Best Healing Purposes Some Important Tips for Wearing Gemstone Jewellery Correctly

How to wear a birth stone gemstone, to get maximum benefit and healing energies from this is a question many ask. People earlier used too buy gemstones and  a ring and wear it on any day and in any finger. By study and information we have come to know that each finger corresponds to a different type of energy and each stone also loves a particular finger.
Then we see that for a different purpose the rings are worn in different fingers.
As the right hand energy is considered great for work and career, similarly  for health peace prosperity is the left hand.
Taking Advice from Many Healers for Gemstones may Back Fire Why Your Gemstones are Not Working for You.
Different Gemstone Pendants available online
It is strange that people ask for healers and gemstone consultants and then cross question this. This not only affects the energy that may have begun, it actually confuses the Universe and may back fire in unknowingly different ways.
It is best to ask for advice and follow it without sharing this or talking about  this among other people. There may be some who may unknowingly put doubt and questions in your mind thus affecting the results from your gemstone cures.
Usually Birthstone gemstone studded finger ring work best as they are worn regularly and are easy to carry along every day. Then pendants also have found a great place in gemstone jewelry as they can be worn close to the heart, especially healing stones for heart and mind like pink quartz.
The protection stone Amethysts also is best worn near the heart protecting from evil eyes and negative forces.
A simple way to understand healing from gemstones is that the gemstone worn has to be with positive intentions. The right type, color,  of birth stone or gemstone you love an the right finger , hand or any jewelry you are comfortable with.
The energy also is faster to heal if the stone touches the skin and comes in close contact with your body skin for most times of the day.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blue Diamond Fish Charm Pendant for Feng Shui Luck

Blue Diamond Fish Charm Pendant for Feng Shui Luck
Feng shui fishes, are best cures to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity. Blue diamonds fish charm pendant can be worn to attract prosperity and luck and of ever flowing wealth. Great gifts for wealth and good luck charms.
Fish also symbolize to flow with ease and face any life hurdles smoothly. Two fishes or pair of fishes are one of the great symbols from the Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols for goodluck.
Fishes in diamonds have metal wealth money luck energy. Also having colored stones in fish shaped lucky charm jewelry can help attract birthstone luck.  For finding you correct birthstone check this list here.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Breast Cancer Charm in Gemstone Unique shaped Pendant Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Charm in gemstone pendant
Breast Cancer awareness and charm, gemstone beautiful pink, pendant. A beautiful way to show you support a cause and also one to protect from ill health and diseases.
The Breast Cancer Awareness symbol is in pink thus thus healing for the heart, with acceptance and love.
The pink ribbon symbol  represents a way to morally support women  with Breast Cancer. Most pink ribbons are seen in Breast cancer Awareness months.
The first pink ribbon was used in connection with breast cancer , 1991 by Susan G. Komen Foundation, they handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors. (Wikepedia). Fear of breast cancer and hope for future represented in the rolled overlapping ribbon shape.
The symbol is not only a way to show you care but also represents feminine energy and love and support for those with breast cancer. There is also a blue ribbon symbol that started to express that men too have breast cancer.In October especially thousands of products in this shape are sold and as a part of charitable campaigns that a part of profits would be donated to Breast Cancer Organizations.
What a beautiful way to show your support for a great cause !
God Bless from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rose Quartz Idols and Sculptures and Objects Symbolism

Rose Quartz Ganesha Sculpture Idol
Rose quartz is a most loving energy beautiful stone. In so many hues shades of pinks the quartz is healing and soothes mind body and spirit.
My Most precious loved stone Rose Quartz Pyramid
Rose quartz is so loved that it is not only seen in gemstone jewelry as pendants and feng shui art objects like pyramids, balls, cylinders, globes , eggs and many more shapes. Sculptures and God idols are made with this healing stone to multiply the healing energy symbolism and is chosen according to  religious beliefs.
Pyramid pendant in Rose Quartz
Even after the pyramid, the ring and the many art objects still I long for the good quality rose quartz that would connect with me. It has to be of a great baby soft color in raw form,without any particles  or lines in it.
Rose Quartz Beads
Rose quartz is also available in loose beads and loose pyramid or other shapes that can be customized for personalized gemstone jewelry.
Till date this is my favorite, but there are so many amazingly beautiful colored unique stones out there...
All the Best from Rizwana!

Bee Gemstone Brooch Jewellery Symbolism in Bee Shaped Jewellery

Bee shaped Gemstone Jewellery
Bee shape, does bring up some intriguing thoughts. Gemstone studded bee shaped brooch and jewelry pieces going in the trendy unique gemstone jewelry range comes up as one that is interesting and unique shape in gemstones.
Bee gemstone brooch
Honey bees have been a great symbol of hard sincere efforts and loyalty. It is known that the queen bee chooses a place for  honey comb and the bee workers are so sincere and focussed and hard working that they continue working effortlessly for days together, sometimes a bee hive is made in half a day,
Bee hive made in half a day in our terrace garden
like the one in our terrace garden!
Bees are thus a symbol of hard efforts, and gives a great focus to activity in life and goals. What more these brooches can be used in so many ways keeping in mind fashion trends, saree brooch, holding a scarf, hair decoration and holding special arty messages!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Leaf Shaped pattern Gemstone jewellery Symbolism Bracelet Colored leaves in Gemstones

Leaves shapes in gemstone Bracelet
Leaves are symbolic of growth and prosperity. Colored gemstone leaves shaped bracelet symbolizes good luck, prosperity and happiness. Colors in nature represent changing , movement and good energy.
Anyone would love wearing a symbol of change, growth and life. Different leaves denote some unique symbolic meanings. Some are symbols of hope, some renewal of energy, some that shed during winters symbolize push of energy to face new challenges, transformation, stability, wisdom, strength.
Try to avoid wearing black leaves shaped jewellery as this symbolizes death of the plant  and is not considered a good symbol.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Birth stone Charms for Good luck and Protection from evil Eye

Birth stone Charms for Good luck and Protection from evil Eye Etsy
Birth stone Charms for Good luck and Protection from evil Eye are one trendy jewelry pieces.  Pendants as charms with your birth gemstones can be worn close to your body for maximum healing benefits.
Charms are often considered symbols of luck and have been used universally  around the globe.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Unusual gemstone Ammolite Pendant Healing

Unusual gemstone Ammolite Pendant
Unusual beautiful unique gemstones with awesum energy. Love this one colored Ammolite, vibrant and unusual gemstone pendant form , wearable gemstone.The stone has amazing colors , in fact all the rainblw colors and great healing energies as it reflects when in sunlight.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Apple gemstone Fruit Pendant for young ladies, fruit shape gemstone pendants for little girls

Apple gemstone Fruit Pendant for Little Girls
Apple, cherries and peaces and plums all into gemstone jewellery pieces. Awesum fruity pendants are so pretty for little girls and also as gifts for young ladies! Apple symbolize love and can be given a gifts to the one you love.
Children also love to wear fruit shaped jewellery and are good gifts in shapes of fruits, gemstones pendants.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Feng Shui Wealth Prosperity Luck with Gemstone Tree

Feng Shui Wealth Prosperity Luck with Gemstone Tree 
Feng Shui Wealth Prosperity Luck with Gemstone Tree , the most powerful, strongest feng shui wealth cure is the gemstone tree.
people choose gemstone trees according to the colored gemstones they like and also sometimes in their birthstone for maximum luck.
Gemstone trees are very good symbols for activating wealth and prosperity feng shui corners.
Trees are made using stones of amethyst for aquarians, green emeralds for June borns and Opal for October librians. Even a multi colored gemstone tree with rubies, emeralds and semi precious stones is a very good symbol of wealth and prosperity and also a great feng shui gift. Most beautiful unique ones are available in many online stores and gemstone jewelry online shops.
All the Best from Rizwana!

7 Reiki crystals Pendant for Good Luck Protection

7 Reiki crystals Pendant for Good Luck Protection
Reiki crystals for seven chakra healing. Color therapy can be applied by wearing this beautiful Reiki crystals pendant. Pyramids and pendants are beautiful symbols for positive energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Reiki symbol paintings

Alphabets Jewellery Love Symbols Diamond Pendants

Love Diamond Pendants Alphabets Jewellery
Alphabets Jewellery Love Diamond Pendants . Diamonds and gemstones customized with your name, symbols of love, positive messages can be made in jewelry pieces. Great as gifts and also lucky for buying during any festive season.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pearl watches energy symbolism Pearl watches Attractive Trendy Jewellery Pieces

Trendy Pear Watches
Pearls in watches, a statement of style, elegance and healing energy. Purity and beauty, pearls have from ancient times represented purity and peace. Watches with pearls lined along side are a beautiful way to attract positive energy.
And what an awesumly beautiful royal gift , the smoothness of white pearls watches, a piece of jewelry, which can go along with chiffons and silks!
Being the birthstone for the June born Gemini ones pearls help to attract abundance, wisdom, beauty  and happiness. Always remember this has  a moon energy and is best purified and activated during full moon night before wearing any piece of pearl jewelry.
Strong symbolism has been associated with pearls. Purity, chastity, wisdom, brings out the best within us!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wearing your Birthstone Tortoise finger Ring Double Luck

Birth stone Tortoise Finger Ring benefits
Tortoise finger rings for attracting good luck, wealth, protection , prosperity and abundance can be doubly lucky  when you add your birth stones in this jewelry. Diamonds rule every piece of jewelry and have awesum strength and are suitable along for most birth stones.
Shape of the tortoise ring is beautiful, unique and also attracts success and loads of luck if worn correctly in the best finger with positive intentions. Amethyst  is the birthstone for February borns and goes really well with diamonds in metal silver!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sacred symbols gemstones, good luck gemstone charms, gemstone Amulets, Talismans in Gemstones

Sacred symbols, good luck charms, Amulets,  talismans, we see a whole range of awesum good luck charms in gemstone jewelry. What more than to gift luck to your friend, loved one or closest one!
This has been on since ages, where we would see young children wearing a hip band, an anklet or a black thread to ward off evil eyes and protect the wearer.
Yes lucky charms do work in a way which I have thought over and explained in many posts to my readers all over on my symbolism blog, Razarts.
Skull Pendants Charms  Natural lapis lazuli Hand carved On Alibaba
Black cat brooch

Black dusted double bracelet

Teddy Bear Heart Lucky Charm Pendant

Swarovski Diamond Cross lucky charm

Carved Totem Snake on Etsy

Black stone Rose Finger ring on Alibaba
Beads, charms, symbols or luck, be it frog, turtle, fishes, petals, leaves, hearts and even skull!
Sacred symbols gemstones, good luck gemstone charms, gemstone Amulets,  Talismans in Gemstones, another beautiful way to bring positive healing energy , protection and  abundance with gemstones!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Unusual Gemstones Raw stone colorful Unusual Unique Gemstones

Unusual gemstones, raw stones, colorful stones, unique stones found in nature. Colorful stones on beach, lake Michigan. Colorful rocks in Glass Beach at Fort Bragg, California. Cape hedge beach. Beautiful beach stones on Lake Huron near Kincardine Ontario,
Rainbow sands of Rodeo beach, a precious collection can be done collecting these awesum natural rocks found in natural with amazing unique  colors. No I have not visited these places. But each stone does bring a sparkle in my eye. we can spend hours/days/months/years  searching looking at stones found in nature. Somme show one color and turn into something else when moved. some show rare  qualities with sunlight. There are natural stones found that are mixtures of different stones. natural rock formations. Some after the effects of environment have particles, fossils, plant life animal life embedded in them giving them  a special unique presence.
Raw Agate and Opal

Amazonite Amazing

Unusual Ammonite

Beautiful cut unusual stone

Natural rocks

Dark Ammolite

Unusual stones Tiffany stones

Mexican Fire Opals

Unusual stones
A special thanks to Google and all those who share this awesum pics. I am not a gemstone seller, just a colored stone lover! This is such an awesum one, check out so many unique stones on etsy, ebay, amazon, alibaba, pin interest! 

Unusual gemstones are so beautiful unique and have an aura of spiritual  energy.  Raw stones found in nature are also each one special, and have loads of energy. Stone under going through different processes, cuts,  to make them sparkling, beautiful and glowing, are also awesum but I still love naturals! They have a part  of curiosity,  interest and raw adventure to them!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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