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Monday, March 16, 2015

Choose your wedding Ring with Great Care Gemstone Wedding Finger Rings Wedding Collections and Buying Tips

Choose your wedding rings with care gemstone wedding finger rings
Wedding finger rings are the most beautiful jewelry that is highlighted in this sacred occasion where tow souls unite it is bonded with a symbol of love, the wedding ring.
From diamonds to gold and platinum gemstone studded in any types of metals are chosen as finger rings for this special occasion.
While the yellow metal rules since ages diamonds are the next favorites in wedding finger rings.
Different colored gemstones, precious and semi precious gemstones are also selected in wedding finger rings that look very beautiful and unique as wedding finger rings.
There are a few gemstones that are not advisable to wear as symbols for wedding rings. Then with unique patterns and designs in stones also some shapes must be avoided.
Wearing black quartz or gemstone is not a good idea for selection of a wedding ring. Usually pearls are also avoided.
It is advisable to take a pair of finger rings for Her and Him , from special collections in platinum, gold, diamonds for wedding rings as most top brands have special wedding jewelry collections and they are awesum!
Selecting a wedding ring try to avoid many small diamonds or gemstones set in one finger ring, especially three is not a good number for choosing a wedding ring.
Choosing funky unique symbolic and bizzare wedding rings see my next post!
Platinum Gold Bands Collection of Wedding Jewellery
Strength and beauty combined platinum bands have awesum beauty and grace. What more they are maintenance free and your jewelry store will guide you as to polishing, caring and cleaning procedures which usually the top reputed brands offer free service.
Choose a stone in circle, square, diamond shapes as it represents happiness, stability or go in for flower shapes that are harmonious with nature.
Avoid too many colored gemstones in your wedding finger rings as they will not make the wedding ring a highlight on your special day. Choose large sized single stones for best impressions!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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