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Monday, August 22, 2016

Serious Side Effects from Black coloured gemstones Wear with care! Precaution and Wearing Tips for Black coloured gem stone!

Black stone 
 Agate and many different coloured gemstones have unique effects and as their properties and chemical compositions are different each stone emits different healing properties. While many people often say this doesn't work for me, there are also some who share serious side effects from wearing particular stones. led to accidents, losses of finances, breakups in relationships, confusing mind energy, and many even are so shocked with fast changes that hardly they get time to take life in hand after wearing innocently a gemstone!
Always be careful while choosing and wearing special gemstones. While you do trust your gemstone dealer and your jeweler, it is always best to always purify your gemstone jewelry and then begin wearing with positive intentions.
 I have seen that gemstones are like small children, they work miracles and shoot up your life energy, success and wealth but they need to be handled carefully and with precaution. You just need to get the right one, and the stone also needs to favour you. Otherwise it just becomes like an ordinary piece of jewelry and may not bring you the desired goodluck effects.
Black coloured stones are to be worn with extreme care and caution, my personal experience. Black stones are so attractive, stylish and elegant, but their healing energy is they draw you towards them. Within few weeks you will start finding yourself alone!
Very strong symbolism and healing energies they do have a mystical power to protect from negative energies. You may have seen tantriks and magicians wear large black gemstones , they will mesmerize and draw you towards them.
Its a beautiful stone! Black stones have their own appeal, and can be worn with some precautions and care.
1) Choose a glittering stone instead of dull black stone
2) See that it does not have cracks and red coloured particles , bloody stones are more strong and we have to be careful with wearing these.
3) If you love a large sized black stone finger ring , never wear it in ring finger that brings marital luck.
4) Serious Yin, lowering energy hence try to wear combinations of stones. Might lead one to aloofness, loneliness and even breakups in relationships on continuous long term wear .
5) Avoid wearing large pendants with only black gemstones. Serious side effects on heart and chakra energy leading to mental disorders and psychiatric issues.
Wearing tips for black gemstone jewelry-
1) Always put intentions before wearing. Have pure intent for self protection  and never to hurt anyone.
2) Wear it sparingly, for less hours only.
3) Avoid gifting black gemstones to wife or girlfriends.
4) Wear it in combination with white diamonds, they will balance the Yin and yang energies.
5) Do not wear someone else black stone jewelry, that is worn by someone previously without purifying the piece.

Blue Stone
Personally I feel if you can't handle the energy then avoid black, Choose a dark blue instead. I have this beautiful sparkling Dark blue gemstone ring, that's Awesum!Not only does it look black at a view but also shines and emits so many colours at different angles. That's what I love about these beautiful original gem stones, even like my Amethyst, it shows such beautiful sparkles of lilac, dark purple and sometimes becomes  transparent like pure glass!
Meanwhile if you have a large black gemstone pendant or finger ring and after reading this wonder what to do with it, use it for meditation and healing. Black stones have great meditative properties and help quieten the mind from stress. Just see that the stone is purified from time to time so that it does not accumulate negative energies and also use it for less time, a few minuets at most!
Hope this helps! Share you experiences with gemstones!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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