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Choose Your tortoise Shaped Jewelry Carefully Symbolism of Incomplete Tortoise Shaped Jewellery

Tortoise shape a strong symbolic Feng Shui cure to attract wealth , protection and prosperity. Tortoise shaped jewellery pieces are unique , beautiful and very creative. Jewelry designers and gemstone dealers bring out the best creative expressions of Tortoise shaped funky jewelry.
From Feng Shui and Healing Symbolic Perspective-
1) Avoid incomplete images of Tortoise shaped Jewelry. It sends incomplete messages to the brain and the Universe. Abstract and irregular shaped Tortoises will look great but not beneficial as Feng Shui cures.
2) Try to see that the Tortoise has four legs , as this affects the incoming wealth from all directions. Also see what design is engraved at its back.
3) Choose gemstones carefully in your tortoise shaped finger ring. Preferably choose Green stones as Tortoises come in shades of greenish grey.Jade and Emerald are best. Coloured stones and mixture of stones may bring in a confusing energy. Especially people with heart disease, chronic diseases and diabe…

Unique Pirates Contemporary Pendant in Gemstone Symbolism Which Shaped Pendants for Water Luck Career Luck Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone Symbolism

Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone has a lot of Symbolism attached with the shapes. From flying pirate birds to pirate anchor shapes and even treasure chests, love the symbolism as it all comes down to bring in wealth. Lets not dwell upon any fantasy characters of Pirates leaving the fear and negative aspects!
Finally wealth is wealth! and we all love it!
Symbols of pirates eye and anchor are taking interesting attention from those who love creative contemporary modern jewelry. Anchor rings , pendants are great symbols of wealth stability. Pirates eye not only symbolizes victory but also fore sight and success along with power. For those who love to flaunt their jewelry this is a good way to attract Feng Shui wealth and career luck.
Since all these symbols are attached with water and wealth coming form water they can be worn with positive intentions to attract wealth and opportunities.
Just keep in mind some points while selecting Pirates Jewelry-
1) Avoid red colored stones

choose metal carefully for finger rings. Why do you have the feeling to remove some types of jewelry

Designer jewellery, gemstone jewelry, modern funky jewellery! there are so many options today and women and men are preferring the modern designs and new materials. While artificial jewellery and artificial or semi precious gemstones are cheaper and come in wide range or prices and variety of attractive designs still the fact remains that from healing energy point of view original metals have their own energy and charm.
Kadas, bands, finger rings all are worn with the materials touching your skin. In fact the gemstones must touch the skin for them to show great healing results. What happens when plastic, acrylic and threads used jewelry is worn?
As any object worn on the body will cove that portion of the skin and if it is healing energy it will thus benefit the wearer. But in case the materiel is of dead energy that is it absorbs negative energy then this will be transmitted to the wearer. We often say and see there is a black band formed on the skin when wearing some type of jewelle…