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Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Wear a Gemstone for Best Healing Purposes Some Important Tips for Wearing Gemstone Jewellery Correctly

How to wear a birth stone gemstone, to get maximum benefit and healing energies from this is a question many ask. People earlier used too buy gemstones and  a ring and wear it on any day and in any finger. By study and information we have come to know that each finger corresponds to a different type of energy and each stone also loves a particular finger.
Then we see that for a different purpose the rings are worn in different fingers.
As the right hand energy is considered great for work and career, similarly  for health peace prosperity is the left hand.
Taking Advice from Many Healers for Gemstones may Back Fire Why Your Gemstones are Not Working for You.
Different Gemstone Pendants available online
It is strange that people ask for healers and gemstone consultants and then cross question this. This not only affects the energy that may have begun, it actually confuses the Universe and may back fire in unknowingly different ways.
It is best to ask for advice and follow it without sharing this or talking about  this among other people. There may be some who may unknowingly put doubt and questions in your mind thus affecting the results from your gemstone cures.
Usually Birthstone gemstone studded finger ring work best as they are worn regularly and are easy to carry along every day. Then pendants also have found a great place in gemstone jewelry as they can be worn close to the heart, especially healing stones for heart and mind like pink quartz.
The protection stone Amethysts also is best worn near the heart protecting from evil eyes and negative forces.
A simple way to understand healing from gemstones is that the gemstone worn has to be with positive intentions. The right type, color,  of birth stone or gemstone you love an the right finger , hand or any jewelry you are comfortable with.
The energy also is faster to heal if the stone touches the skin and comes in close contact with your body skin for most times of the day.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blue Diamond Fish Charm Pendant for Feng Shui Luck

Blue Diamond Fish Charm Pendant for Feng Shui Luck
Feng shui fishes, are best cures to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity. Blue diamonds fish charm pendant can be worn to attract prosperity and luck and of ever flowing wealth. Great gifts for wealth and good luck charms.
Fish also symbolize to flow with ease and face any life hurdles smoothly. Two fishes or pair of fishes are one of the great symbols from the Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols for goodluck.
Fishes in diamonds have metal wealth money luck energy. Also having colored stones in fish shaped lucky charm jewelry can help attract birthstone luck.  For finding you correct birthstone check this list here.
All the Best from Rizwana!