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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tiger eye Gemstone healing properties and Designer jewelery

Tiger eye stone is found in brown, red, blue, black, cream colors. Tiger eye often used for protecting from negative energies and evil eye is a stone for developing practical thinking.
Among the healing properties of tiger eye stone are that its makes one feel grounded and stable and develops practical thinking abilities. Tiger eye is also used to open the mind for success by accepting situations and dissolves any unrealistic demands and internal pride. Tiger eye also aids in understanding others and self needs by giving out positive peaceful vibes of energy bringing about calmness in unsettled energy of mind and body.
Using Tiger eye gemstone in jewelery gives an instant glow to your face and body. As the black stone is most famous it has also been found that black color repels people away from you, so if you are a socialite do not wear too much of black stone jewelry. You may customize your gem stones in diamonds or white or any other color stones along with a single piece of tiger eye in it.
Blue that is darker side is preferred over black. For spiritual healers they do prefer black gemstone finger rings as they have to deal with strong negative energies. Yellow, brown  tiger eye is the most sought after stone for its healing properties, as for the glistening golden sparkle it produces when faced to sunlight.

Tanzanite Stone of magic and Magic jewelery

Tanzanite stone of magic properties of healing as balancing the intentions of personal ambitions desires and actual practical situations, thus bringing about progress. Tanzanite stone is available in colors ranging from blue to purple, as the color of the third eye chakra.
Tanzanite often termed as magic stone as it stimulates the third eye chakra, throat chakra and the crown chakra thus improving psychic powers and aids in good communication and understanding of mind. Human relations and interaction with people is the most important aspect for any business to flourish and by balancing these energies and improving communication skills the stone Tanzanite is appropriately termed as magic stone.
Jewelery customized and made using tanzanite looks great and can be worn by any person. Do give respect and take proper care of your gem stone jewelry for best healing results. Magic jewelry worn with healing intention for healing will send out the vibes needed by the body for healing energy for its chakras. Blue deep and Purple colored gemstones look very very attractive to the eye but too much may not be good, person may sometimes lose focus on reality, so a combination of gemstones along with white diamonds will give better results in healing or maybe a small gemstone in a ring, an ear ring or bracelet.

Attract wealth with Sapphire Stone Healing Properties Customized Jewelery

Sapphire a famous stone used by many for attracting wealth and money is considered one of the most sought after in gemstones for its ability to attract wealth and success. Blue, yellow, white, black, purple, green sapphire stone is available in many colors. Many famous personalities boast of benefits from Sapphire stone rings and pendants.
Sapphire stone is used to get rid of unwanted negative thoughts and bring about balance in emotions. It opens the heart chakra for pure love and acceptance thus promoting good relationships and healing pain from past relationships. Frustrations and losses are over come and opening of the heart chakra for new beginnings.
Sapphire a stone of prosperity brings about respect for nature and the gifts from the universe. Sustaining the gifts from nature it helps the individual to achieve more by balancing emotions and removing negative thought patterns and negative energies.
While customizing sapphire stone in jewelry do make sure that it is close to the skin for understanding a feeling the healing effect. Also do not get over power by this stone and use sparingly as too much of turquoise color is sometimes  found to lead to depressive thoughts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 tips for Buying Online Gemstone Jewellery

With the gifting season on hand, a season of love , online shopping gemstone sites are booming with sales. With diamond jewellery still ruling there are many budget range gemstones that look attractive and fit into every budget.Hand made customized gemstone jewellery for everyone, and as I love the vibrancy of gemstones we keep searching for good deals for gemstone jewellery online. With diamonds ruling the world of every woman there are other colorful gems tones which are a favorite among many. The top list has diamonds first, then comes rubies for their sheer vibrant pinky reds, and this is followed by the beautiful emerald green stones jewellery. After this the list is endless,  other stones tourmaline, pearls, quartz stones and rest.
Customized gemstone jewellery is available online very easily as also many shopping websites offer great discounts for gemstone jewellery. ranges from different budgets the gems tone jewellery is also hand made for fitting into your personal gemstone needs.
Before surfing the net and jumping into cheapest deals for any gem stone jewellery Let us discuss a few important simple tips while ordering and buying gemstone jewellery from any online shopping site.
1) Find out that the website is reputed and they sell genuine gem stones. This you can only find out by the authenticity certificate they provide along with the gem stone jewellery. Always buy from genuine reputed sites otherwise even crystals and glass cubes look as attractive as gems tones,and it is very difficult to identify and recognize an original gem stone. So you may end up paying much more for the crystal cut glass cubes!
2) Find out about the exact details about the size of your gemstone jewellery. Rings, chokers, bangles, ear rings, gemstone bracelets, pendants, every piece of gemstone jewellery will be shown on the website as large and attractive. While you get the delivery home the ear rings may be of a child size ears!
As for loose gems tones do read the details carefully about the inches or mm or cm of the size of the gemstone offered for sale. Rings offered must be of sizes mentioned and the fitted gemstone must be specified of the authenticity and quality.
2) Gem stones are sold according to carat and the prices will vary according to the cut. Find out the over all look of the gemstone according to its carat. and the price will be according to this.Usually we go for cheap deals but often  neglect the fact that when the gem stone is cheaper in price so is the quality of a lower grade carat. So read abut the details carefully and not only go for the lowest price deals while buying gemstone jewellery.
3) Payment modes must be carefully selected and information shared, always use secured mode of payment only.
Obsessed Over Stones
4) While ordering for customized gem stone jewellery you will need high level of creativity. Imagine how the collection of colored gem stones will look on your ears, or maybe in a necklace when you add yellow stone or red how will the customized jewellery piece finally look? single stones may look good but a collection of gems tones in one piece of jewellery  is the tricky part.
5) Which metal is the gem stone jewellery customized and made. This will have a vast difference in pricing of the gem stone jewellery. A silver jewellery piece with gems tones will definitely fall lower in price as compared to gold or platinum jewellery. The cost of the gemstone jewellery will wholly depend upon the base material metal used to make the gemstone jewellery.
6) Consider the metal you need in your customized gemstone jewellery. Do you want to have an heirloom piece with the gemstone, so you can go in for costly metals like platinum and gold as base. If the gem stone jewellery is just another addition to your jewellery box, a one time wear, occasional wear,  then you can  go in for less costly materials like silver, sterling silver or a mixture of five metals like copper, brass etc.
7) Plan the buying online gem stone according to the occasion well in advance, so that you receive the ready customized gemstone jewellery on time of your occasion or for gifting some one. Keep some days well in advance so that you receive the ready gemstone jewellery piece on time.
Thank you, Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Amber the Golden Yellow Stone Jewellery Healing Properties

Amber a beautiful yellow stone, shines like gold in light is a beautiful stone which has properties to increase confidence and also overcomes depression and sleep disorders. Actually Amber is not a gemstone it is a fossilized resin from a tree. The solar plexus associated with this chakra this amber gemstone , transparent or translucent , helps to heal many problems.
Amber stone helps to heal and purify mind and body. It helps heal any disease and draws positive energy for the benefit of the wearer.
Amber gem stone also helps in decision making and improves self confidence and clears depression and negative thoughts. A creative healing stone develops the brain on both sides, the left and the right.Amber gems tone jewellery can be made in any metal especially sterling silver looks stunning with the shiny metal along with the yellow golden glow.
A stone appropriate for Zodiac and Leo signs this beautiful yellow stone feels like wearing gold. As the stone reflects so it attracts positive energy of the sun and favours the solar plexus chakra.
Purification and care procedures involve washing with mild soap in flowing water. Dry with soft muslin cloth. Avoid any abrasive materials or rough texture clothes coming in contact with the stone as the surface may get abrased. You may put up any intention to the Amber stone if used as a healing stone to heal all problems related to restlessness  depression  anxiety, low self confidence, unable to make decisions  and improve concentration in studies.
Also used as romantic stone to attract love, wisdom and remove negativity. Wear it for wealth and good luck, maybe the golden glow will attract more gold!, wealth , good luck and prosperity. Go with your gut feeling and personal likes while selecting any gemstone for jewellery. Some people also love to embed this stone in platinum or gold , but with the shooting prices of gold and platinum, again it is a personal choice, the Amber stone looks stunning with sterling silver or platinum with the golden glow. Jewellery made using gem stone Amber may be in earrings, rings, neck pieces, or traditional choker or any jewellery  but do remember too much of yellow may bring out your skin to look pale as compared to the Amber stone, so keep it minimum, you will shine!
Take Care and All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Monday, February 4, 2013

Favoured Stone for each Month Jewellery and Properties

Jewellery of your birth stone for good luck fame and wealth, everyone is in search of all these, for the average minds a miracle is always welcome and for those ultra rich more is always welcome!with the search on google on properties of these colored beautiful stone, some precious some semi precious and some glass! yes you will find it strange but the glass crystals also look the same in fact they shine sparkle more brightly than the original gem stones, and of course they come at a fraction of fraction of the amount you pay. here we find a favoured stone for month.
January Garnet, the stone an attracter to people brings more opportunities and prosperity, fame recognition and wealth. Energy stone for confidence health.
Feb Amethyst Spinel
Spinel a stone of renewal and calm, protection, and amethyst a purple stone for increasing psychic abilities, intuition very good for success in any field especially creative fields.
 March Aquamarine, beautiful blue, color of water, purity and spiritual empowerment, peace and calm, stone for protection especially those working in sea or water.
April White Spinel, rejuvenating energy, help to overcome obstacles, pure energy protection.
May Shamrock Spinel, shamrock emerald, green prosperity and good luck, wealth and fame stone.
June Alexandrite, stone of self esteem and joy. Prosperity and recognition.
July Ruby, confidence, fame and recognition, energy stone.
August Peridot, olive green color, to control anger, attract love and heal relationships. Prosperity and happiness.
Fire Blue Spinel, fire energy and calming peace energy. Improves confidence and attracts good luck.
October Rose Zircon, peace, used in healing all body and mind disorders.
November Topaz, a spiritual stone, yellow color, improves business ad attracts wealth.increases stability of wearer and brings success, fame and recognition.
December Blue Zircon
Fame success and wealth luck. Also helps cure insomnia and seep disorders. The stone honours the wearer with Wisdom and respect improved self esteem.
Though these colored fantasies look very inviting I feel each one is attracted to a different stone and there are no rules here, as I find my birth stone too relaxing but tourmaline and ruby great must find one soon!buy wear what you like, any gemstone,  will heal you as your wish.
All the Best!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Magical Power of Your Brain - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

healing art, art that heals, whether it is magic, miracle or just fake, it works as you work. faith is the most important aspect in our life. The human brain has the capacity to create events and dissolve events, if you say you win you win and if you say you lose you lose, either way you are correct!
Draw the power from the universe, a Reiki channel is a person who helps you to channel the already existing energy of the universe. The universe has everything in abundance, it is upto you to draw it and enjoy.
In hospitals healing art, may not cure the disease but it helps to come to terms with the situation and acceptance followed by healing. In homes situations of stress, art heals by giving the mind a challenge to think of something else , other than your problem, and thus eases pain of mind, confusion,  and body and open  new ways to solve your problems. the symbols have been used since ages and have been a facilitator in healing, for those who need physcial images for bringing about healing. They are mere lines of color, a play of mind, but with the intentions, just like any other artist paints a landscape with their soul or a portrait with the same passion, you spread a moment I spread life!
I am not a magician , just a simple pure soul, the journey of the red pilgrim continues as life unfolds new lessons to me each day...soul scrubbed, tossed and turned, leaving an emptiness, faith shaken, trust battered, and mind tattered, still continue, again try to bring a smile,again learn to trust, again try to begin sharing love. believe me the journey is quite ..not easy, .but the destination known one of enlightenment and peace,freedom at peace with ones self, i am as i am.
I wish to make simple colorful symbolic understandable art, art that heals.
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Education Luck Tower Pagoda and Education Luck Tower of Gemstone

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How to choose an Amethyst Stone Selection Tips

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Tourmaline a wonderful Gem Stone Believed to Have Healing Properties

Tourmaline gemstone jewellery, a ring, a pendant or just the raw rock, tourmaline stones are very attractive and especially the water melon stone having two colors pink and green,absolutely breath taking! 
Tourmaline stones jewellery can be made using gold, platinum or five metals as desired, or as recommended if you believe.
Tourmaline gemstones have been used in healing and have been proved to have psychic abilities to heal. This beautiful Tourmaline stones are available in many colors each colored Tourmaline stone has its own healing properties. Tourmaline stones are used to improve concentration, develop compassion and understanding, also used to help in many diseases related to mind by relaxing the mind and bringing about harmony and peace. They dispel negative energies, neutralize them, and protect and develop confidence. Tourmaline stones also aid in detoxification of the body.
Red or pink tourmaline has properties similar to any pink stone, like rose quartz, to attract love and develop love and compassion and acceptance towards others. Red colored stone is used as energy enhancer and for improving confidence  Blue Tourmaline has psychic abilities and powers to open the third eye , increases intuition abilities and protects from psychic attacks and mostly used by healers. These are considered very good for channeling energies from the universe, higher force.  Communication stone the deeper the blue the more powerful its properties for improving communication skills and intuition. Yellow Tourmaline is specially good for business and job employment. Colorless Tourmaline is best stone for healing.
People use this stone for improving business, love luck, psychic abilities and intuition required in some professions, media professionals and those who have job in communication field.
Care of Tourmaline Stone jewellery- As in any precious or semi precious stone avoid over exposure to direct sunlight and winds. For preserving life of  your gemstone jewellery keep them away from direct sunlight rays in a cooler place. 
Avoid wearing gemstone jewellery in rains and flowing water, like sea beaches or water falls. The Tourmaline will not only lose its sheer but also you may lose your jewellery in the force of water.For healing purposes clean it with mild salt water and then clean water, wipe with very soft muslin cloth, put the intentions you want the stone for.
never never spill make up on gem stone jewellery, and avoid abrasive materials coming in contact with gem stones as they will lose their sheen, and always clean wipe it after every use before storing in jewellery box.
Luck or no luck the stone is beautiful and definately worth a try!
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art