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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Many Hours Do Artists Work? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
When a good friend artist shared hours of working, really how many hours do we work, 2, 3 ,4 7, 9...full time.
yes art as an career is not an easy one. artists just don't make art, they have to promote their art, display their art and sending emails , newsletters regularly to art collectors and art lovers to keep them  updated about our new art. Selling art is not easy for everyone especially when we love to paint alone. Creativity levels have always to be on the high, open chakras for accepting,  to keep making art, over  and over, years and many years,  and many artists when cannot make a good piece often fall into depression mood swings and irritable syndromes and people call them eccentric. They are just innocent people, want ot be left alone for some time making art.
Some leave the journey unfinished and choose another path, some struggle with making small artworks for sale, while some continue gracefully for their life making art.
Artists are always painting in their mind, like   me I am  sure other artists are also restless, so many times, in middle of the nights when an image sparks off..colours, when  shopping some thing excites us as in from, color, texture,, and when on trips a piece grabs our attention. Usually I never paint from direct pictures, what I love is,  only the color and shapes, shapes are sacred, sacred shapes excite me to make art.. In close contact with nature each day brings new colors in life and new images, so many ideas, so much  to paint,... so little time...FULL TIME JOB!
and with all this keep your art precious, undiluted, untouched by the outside world and continue to paint as you love. Whether or not you are prepared to give your life , for art ..only then,.. .join this journey of say those who have travelled far off on this path, they really have given their lives for art.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to make healing art...
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals. Portfolio

How to Choose Genuine Gemstones 5 Simple Tips for Identifying Genuine Gemstones

Gem Stones Rubies Emeralds Diamonds Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

How to find out whether the gemstone you are buying is genuine, no doubt they cost a fortune and  do not come cheap, genuine gemstones range from thousands of $ and one needs to have some knowledge before buying a  genuine gemstone  or any gemstone jewellery.
Untreated stone, natural stones are very hard to find nowadays. As I have seen many raw stones that look so beautiful and have an aura of strength of its own , though they do not shine as much as treated stones they have greater price and one wonders why? natural stones are hard to find and most of the gemstone jewellers treat the stones for beautifying it and producing a stone of sheer sparkle. We love the shine of any gemstone and buy the shiniest gemstone.
When you look out for a gemstone first feel the stone , what energy does it emit. Go with your first instinct. The stone will communicate to your energy and you may feel attracted to the gemstone. Hold the gem in your hand feelings of peace, happiness, special, or uneasiness and discomfort, be it visual or physical,  go with gut feelings.
Now for some serious tips for selecting genuine gemstones-
Before going out to buy any gemstone or jewellery do find out some information about the birthstone or any gemstone you like on the internet. You are going to pay a large sum of money so better get some information on stones as you do not wish to be duped with a imitation stone.
1) price of gemstones is on carats and not size of the stone.
2) Observe the stone physically and in light.
closely observe for flaws, you may even request to observe small diamond gemstone with magnifying glass, crack, minor flaw muddy.
Stones of same name may have different hues and shades. Dark and light colored stones and very dark stones may not show any color, so look out for the color that you like and not just for the name of the stone.
Designer Blue Gemstone Jewellery Arm Bracelet Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Another highlight while searching for gemstones is we see natural formations inside the stone, you are lucky if you see one, they  add a glint of excitement and royalty to gemstone.
 3) In the showroom , lots of heavy lights and any piece of glass may shine. Take a look at the gemstone in natural sunlight light to observe the right cut, it must  shine everywhere and not just in the strong halogen lights in the jewellery shop. Look at the points where it reflects sunlight and sparkles from every side.
4) "Meet points"  a term used in gemstones means that the points where the stone is cut and meets, intersects,  connects to the other side must be precise and neat, sharp cut. If the cut or edges are not sharp then the diamond stone or  emerald will not reflect light as desired and this shows flaws in the gemstone.
5) "Windows"  another term used along with gemstones, the gemstone is cut from sides in different angles for the light to reflect from every side, when the cut is not proper the stone become transparent. Windows means you can see through the stone , the other side, which is not a good quality considered for genuine gemstones.Simply put the stone on a newspaper and see whether you can see the words, you must not, if you can the cut in your stone is not of good quality.
 obsessed over stones many cannot ignore the sparkle in their life which gemstones brings, I am seeing so many stones worn by almost every single human now and they swear by the healing powers of birth stones from career luck to marriage luck to of course money and wealth luck business shining, worn in gold, silver or five metals stones are sure here to stay.

It is important that when you are going to pay so much $ for gemstones better to buy from reputed gemstone jewelers and do take the authenticity certified gems certificate from them. Branded gemstone jewellery is available with certificate of genuine stone , carat, and clarity and cut details. Even online shopping sites may have varied prices for stones so select a reputed online jewellery store for buying gemstone jewellery or raw stone which you can customize in your personal jewellery, be it finger ring, ear ring or bracelet.

Obsessed over stones, Love stones for their colors, sparkle and then the shine, even a colourful glass shining attracts me towards  it as  also a genuine stone that calls upon , and of course their rarity ...and rawness of stones is another focal point for my love of stones.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ametrine Gemstone Healing Properties in Customized Gemstone Jewellery

Ametrine gemstone is a  combination of amethysts and citrine, a rare stone which has immense healing properties. It has immense healing properties and used world  wide in healing stone.
A very good stone to attract spiritual growth and increase creativity.  Ametrine stone is also used in healing the sexual chakra and the solar plexus  as of the   colour yellow coming from citrine  in it. Blocks of energy in this chakra is seen in from of  insecurities, showing   distrust, fear and irrational fears phobias. Individual who clings to his belongings and is always insecure will benefit immensely from this yellow citrine stone. The purple color representing the crown chakra this stone also helps to improve focus and creativity. Purple a spiritual color this stone helps to improve concentration and focus on life  goals.
 A  very good stone for people in media, advertising and acting, artists, all creative fields benefit immensely from wearing ametrine stone jewellery. Ametrine stone is best worn in form of bracelets or pendants and also  finger  rings.
Color of the ametrine stone is a beautiful purple and yellow combination. Ametrine stone calms the mind and helps relieve stress and soothes the mind and soul. While if you struggle with taking control o your life this stone helps you to take charge of your life and give it the right direction. It also helps in problems related to the stomach and physical and mental issues.
The rare beautiful color of ametrine stone is used in customized jewellery for its beauty and also its healing properties. The birth stone of Zodiac sign Libra, those who have their birthdays in October would love this stone and it helps to be more balanced and well  organized.

Which Gemstone for Fifth Marriage Anniversary Gift Rose Quartz Stone for Heart Healing Properties

Which gemstone for fifth marriage anniversary? Fifth marriage anniversary a very good gift would be to use rose quartz, the stone of love in any customized jewellery and gift this unique precious gift.
How to use rose quartz in customized jewellery and healing properties of rose quartz  a beautiful pink stone of love, some simple ideas.   Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and unconditional love. It represents the heart chakra and open the chakra of the individual wearing it to love, acceptance and giving love to others. With its beautiful soothing pink color it is most loved by all women.
A very good healing stone rose quartz is the best gemstone for fifth marriage anniversary. It restores trust and harmony in relationships and as we see rose quartz stone in many forms and not just jewellery, it can be gifted in any form. The good use of rose quartz  would also be in form of statues, sculptures,  charms and pendants. Rose quartz pyramids and cubes as well as pendulums are also good and have immense healing properties.
A rose quartz stone embedded in a neck piece or a beautiful big rose quartz studded along  with diamonds would look so pretty on any neck. Rings are always welcome and also a unique gift for your partner.
Before buying rose quartz stone do consider simple tips for selecting genuine rose quartz  stone.  A very good stone for all healers and all individuals in healing fields like physicians, psychiatrists,  singers, artists etc. Genuine rose quartz is not transparent but a lovely opaque , it may also see waves of pink but do not select any rose quartz stone with cracks, impurities in any form of dark patches or abnormal shapes. Also see that the stone on washing does not become transparent.
Men can be gifted with rose quartz embedded in cuff links, customized writing pens, pyramids, paper weights and sculptures for displaying on  their bedroom side table or office desk. Lovely jumping happy penguins also look great in rose quartz as also a sculpture of a couple in pink stone. The possibilities are immense with using rose quartz stone in gifting.
Important  to select the base material for embedding rose quartz stone as this stone has cooling properties and goes best with silver, sterling silver and platinum metals as compared to gold that has a yellow tinge which would not do justice to this beautiful  pink stone.
While gifting rose quartz do consider sharing a few  simple tips to the receiver about t he caring and cleaning of this stone as abrasive surfaces can crack the stone and constant use  of rose quartz jewellery near heat and hot water will mar down its healing effects and also make the stone weak.
Clean any rose quartz stone jewellery with soft soapy liquid without any abrasive particles and wipe it with soft muslin cloth, It is also advised by healers that this stone can be charged with positive energy and heart healing powers by exposing it to cold light in the full moon night and any intentions put up by the healers sure work miracles with the beautiful pink stone rose quartz.