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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anklets with gemstones buying Anklets tips good quality anklets characteristics

Anklets a beautiful jewellery piece for your feet, an ankle chain . As we see new inventions in jewellery pieces, with finger rings, ear rings, nose pieces and the ears studs at different levels, baju bands and kamar bands, even our feet are not left behind. The traditional ‘payal’ has been seen since ages and a must for every woman, especially married woman in India still consider this as symbol of marital status as also in Egyptians as an important jewellery piece. 

Ankle bracelet or ankle chains have changed in designs and patterns. Anklets have shown a drastic transformation from the traditional payal made  in silver as a single  layer or double layers with round beads  for the beautiful music they make while walking. Ghungroos were an important part of the anklet then and today this has been replaced with pearls, gemstones and different semi precious stones. Buying anklets is important as every other jewellery is worn above the body and seen easily by us so we care for this, but anklets go to our feet and we need a strong jewellery piece with delicate design for here.

Anklets must  be of good quality if you do not want to lose them!yes  they may fall off accidentally while walking or something or material gets stuck in it. Good quality and buying from reputed jeweler helps in making a sturdy reliable anklet. While selecting material for anklets , silver is best and stones also look good with this. Anklets are  also available  in gold plated metal which looks attractive.

Artificial pearls and semi precious stones look very good in anklets and improve the look of your feet making them look attractive, trendy and graceful. Wearing churidars and short dresses make your anklets an highlight piece of jewellery. Some ladies also flaunt the single anklet style that is again a style statement in fashion.
Jewellery Silver and Gold with Gem Stones
Anklets sizes vary and one must try out wearing the anklet before buying it. This is very important  as  the tight fitting or loose fitting anklet will not do.   Too loose and it will fall out and too tight does not look graceful, a right best anklet just falls gracefully around your ankles and  does   not touch the skin too tight.
While buying ankles consider your skin type and any allergies you have for any metal. Silver , German silver, sterling silver has universal appeal  and the gold plated ankles are a hit with everyone. Artificial metals and mixture of metals used in jewellery can some times bring allergic reactions like skin reddening or skin rash, and also damage the clothes as in combination with body sweat and water.
Plastic, acrylic and also other materials are used to make anklets.
Too many loose hanging stones or pearls will hinder in your walk, so choose an appropriate anklet for the occasion. Short dress or three fourth length dresses and you can highlight your anklet but with long flowing dresses and sarees be careful while selecting too many hanging stones as they may get stuck in the clothes  or fall off due to friction with the clothes while walking.

Delicate patterns look very good on any feet and make the anklet a  style statement in any occasion and any group. Do not select too heavy metal for anklets as the weight of your footwear and this piece of jewellery will take  its toll on your feet and they will ache and pain. Anklets go well with even western dresses  and a  single pearl or gemstone anklet can highlight any formal attire also and give a trendy look. An important part of your jewellery  box anklets are sure  here  to  stay!
Anklets can be gifted for new borns or for wedding brides  as  a precious gift in gold or silver. You also get latest designs and patterns with anklets moving from just lining your ankles to the more sophisticated designs with toe rings attached covering the front part of your feet with jewellery,  great piece!
Golden Sands Oil Painting on Canvas of Gem Stones by Mrs Rizwana  A.Mundewadi

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Original Pearl Selection Tips Symbolism Characteristics of Pearl Stone

Pearl  Stone Jewellery Set
Pearl a symbol of purity, femininity, spirituality is a stone used to balance  and purify energy. Pearl necklaces and jewellery are often associated with royalty and grace. It is very difficult today to identify original pearls as there are so many pearl stones available and also in different colors and textures. Fresh water pearls look great, so also black colored pearl necklaces make quite a style statement.
Pearl with Diamond Designer Jewellery Set
 Pearls are the birth stone of june and it is believed that the power of the stone increases or decreases with the moon cycle according to the origin of the stone. pearls , especially off white pearls are believed to soothe and calm senses and make peace with ones self. A good self healing stone to accept ones self and limitations and allow love compassion  into your life.
Original off white pearl
The Chinese  Dragon is often seen with the white pearl on its head  or mouth and the tradition goes that black pearls of wisdom on the dragon head and one had to slay the dragon to achieve wisdom., control, overcome all external desires to gain enlightenment.
Black pearls are extremely rare and look very good in necklaces and ear rings,  as  black shiny metal colored they also promote wealth and money feng shui luck.  Pearls can be used as feng shui cures for balancing energy and also aid in fertility. Some pearls are off white, some have a colored tinge to them. Each color represents the power of influence the pearl will have on your chakras. Pink color  tinged pearls improve energy for the heart chakra, green tinged for heart chakra and yellowish for sexual or lower body three chakras.  White color symbolizes new beginnings and purity innocence for the wearer.
While some religious traditions believe pearls to be tears they are no deterrent to wearing theses gemstones of beauty and purity. As pearls are found  from oysters the quality of your original pearl very often depends on this.
How to check original pearl- now this is a bit tricky so it is best to purchase perals from a certified jeweller.
It has been said that a simple tip to check the originality of the pearl is to keep it between your front teeth lightly and move the teeth in grinding motion, original pearl has a textured grainy surface and is never  very smooth or even.Now  be very careful else  you may crack the pearl.
Then there is also another way to bounce the pearl in hand, it weighs more whereas the fake pearl may be lighter, but another hitch here, the fake may be made of glass  which is heavier.
Then of course go with your instincts, visual appeal, original pearls may not be exact round shape and all pearls in the necklace may not be of the exact same size and shape.
There is an original tinge glow to the original pearl which you can feel when you hold the gemstone in your hand, as other stones even pearl communicates to the individual who needs the healing.
Also found another very grueling test , drilling hole in the pearl to check the nucleus of the centre, wouldn't dare try  this as you will lose  the pearl .

Pearl Necklace

So while Christians wear a pearl set on weddings symbolizing love and happiness pearls are universally accepted as great for any jewellery pieces be it necklaces, ear rings, finger rings, bangles kada, bracelets, and even designer broaches and cufflinks for men.
Pearls attract wealth and symbolize prosperity and also believed  to balance the energy of the wearer by soothing senses and calming balancing emotions.

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