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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Funky Designer Tortoise Finger Rings How to Wear Tortoise rings for good luck and protection

Funky Designer Tortoise Finger Rings are everywhere in the jewelry market!  Feng shui and gemstones a great combination in gemstone designer jewelry and contemporary trends. With a lot of confusions and doubts the whole purpose of wearing a tortoise ring has been mixed up and though  people wear this for fashion purposes sure are happy with the results and positive  energy coming their way here I share some important tips for wearing tortoise finger rings.
Funky Designer Tortoise Finger Rings Wear Tortoise rings for good luck and protection
1) Wear Tortoise rings for good luck and protection
2)  each shape and stone or metal represents a different tortoise energy.
3) You can choose designer tortoise finger ring with your lucky gemstones and metal.
4) Here comes an important part,  why wear tortoise ring? say to attract wealth. Turtles are symbols in feng shui to attract good luck and protection as they live for hundreds of years, it indicates that your wealth will stay with you or your business will run for many years.
I usually prefer to call them symbols of hope, luck and protection. As a result of this a by product is increase in wealth and success. Turtles in themselves are really very slow animals so the part we need to highlight is their long life and stable life style.
5) Choose a turtle finger ring that you are comfortable with and not just follow someone else. Remember its all about going with the flow, learn to listen to your heart.
6) How to wear turtle finger ring- away form the body or towards your body all depends upon your intentions,  personal preference. best way is to wear the ring for a week and see, you will get the answers. So while some wear it facing towards the body some go with the turtle going away from body, both ways it is a grate symbol of luck.
7) If it is worn facing away from body it acts a s a protective shield and guards from evil forces coming towards you.
8) If worn towards its a slow energy but still the humble turtle brings in gradual protection and luck.
9) Gemstone studded turtle finger rings are symbols for prosperity and good luck.
 If you doubt you break the magic!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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