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Ordered Online Gemstone Jewellery OOPs didn't know this!

Online jewelry websites and online gemstone jewellery shops sites, fantastic options. So many designs, varieties, over flowing Awesumness!I am hooked!
I ordered semi precious gemstone jewelry, it comes quite cheap and what more each outfit for every occasion can now have a different piece of jewelry set. Loving the uniqueness of show stoppers in each function, I , who would never wear artificial or semi precious jewelry also indulged in some with times.
So received the pack, loved the designs.
What I didn't like was that few stones(semi precious) were not even stuck properly. A drop pearl dropped as I opened the packing..sad..
And was shocked by the weight! OMG! so heavy ear rings!Next time you buy jewelry online please see the exact size of the set, ear rings and neck lace And also inquire about the weight of the pieces. Had to give away as there was no reason to return it, well, the product was supplied as shown and weight was not mentioned anywhere!

Well, do read reviews with e…

My Amethyst Changes Colour! How My Amethysts acts Crazy!Why Amethyst Goes White?

Why my Amethyst acts crazy! My Amethysts turns White! why? strange but true and happens so many times, has it to do with my body energy or environment but it sometimes acts crazy! It has also gone seriously dark around negative energies, yes, i felt it! then also health, and my body energy, it loves me so much it reacts as if souls are connected!
 Being a true Aquarian, my birthstone, Amethyst, I usually avoided this stone, I have a small precious necklace set, and somehow I felt energy drained and wear it sparingly. Even though it is made in sterling silver, and this one I picked up from road side from an antique stone seller, and this has been a wonder in my life.
I don't know how much protection it gives me, but it sure acts crazy and is quiet entertaining for me at times.  As I look at it sometimes it looks absolutely white, and I actually wondered whether I was bluffed by the antique seller. Yes,  I do spend less amounts, if I connect and love anything I buy it,  when there …

Gifting Semi Precious Gemstone Earrings This Valentines ! Check the Weight!

Wishing You A Very Happy 2018! For the love of Gemstones ! as I conti  nue to add up to my little box of jewelry, semi precious stones and a lot of ear rigns! love ear rings, they just have this magic of completing your fabulous festive dressed up look instantly!
Oops! Yes, just added a few of the fancy chandelier and chand bali earrings to my little box of semi precious gemstone jewelry. No, I never sued to wear these till a few years back, it was only gold diamonds and platinum. But with the latest trends and the rates of jewelry going so high , the risk factors increasing to wear precious jewelry, what more than to flaunt latest trends in jewellery, and that too in such a cheap price!
So    I have begun adding semi precious gemstones, they come at an affordable rate and if you buy from authentic shops and jewelers you get to enjoy the shine for years.
semi precious Diamonds , gemstones are trending and are quite cheap and you get to order on line.
What I learned?
1) yes, you just s…