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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tips for Matching Gemstone Jewellery With Outfits Fashion Designer Tips on How to Match Gemstones with Dresses

Tips for Matching Gemstone Jewellery with outfits is one thing which we all think and most times we also succeed but this has also happened that some one even after having the most costliest jewellery and attire looks out of place. This happens with mis match with dress and jewellery and the jarring difference is more than prominent and can spoil your whole look!
Whether the colors go wrong or the design this is one of the important aspects when dressing up for the success of your look and event.
Matching Gemstone ring with Cool Summer Dress
Fashion Designer Tips on How to Match Gemstones with Dresses-
1) Always select the combination before hand and if possible dress up and see how this works before an important occasion or event. The simple gesture of wearing the outfit with the gemstone jewellery will help you to get the first look of your fashion presence and whether to go with this combination of change either of one, the dress or the jewellery.
2) Matching gemstones jewellery with dress may not always work and many times contrasting colors work great for the final elite look.
3) Follow the principle of less is more when the dress you are wearing is formal and embroidered, heavy work of sequins or embroidery. Same works when the dress or saree is chiffon and silk , light weight can accommodate heavy jewellery chunky contemporary pieces of jewellery.
4) Gemstones used for healing purposes and worn along side other pieces of jewellery may not always look great for your fashion event and if it necessary that you wear your favorite ring or neck pendant then it is better to select the attire with a combination of the same color as your gemstone or contrasting one rather than a totally opposite mis match one. Like a large red stone neck piece may not go well with a heavy brocade work multi colored dress.Bright orange, purple blue combinations go well with simple jewellery designs.
5) The occasion does play an important role in selecting gemstone jewellery to match or contrast with your outfit. When on a fun trip you can carry off well with any colored gemstone finger ring or ear rings. Whereas while formal occasion, they need special preparation for selecting jewellery and gemstones types, as you know all eyes will be on you.
6) White and black are still ruling in fashion and these colored outfits never go wrong as white brings out the beauty of every colored gemstone.But the Indian traditional dresses often are more vibrant and colorful and preferably the golden metal still rules our hearts.
Personally I prefer Silver , sterling silver and platinum jewelery as it has lots energy of own, and goes off great with diamonds,  a soothing calmning one, like the full moon. But this is all a personal choice and what energy suits you best. For trying out different outfits with jewellery you can observe which combination makes you look and feel the best, go for it!
Dress up keeping in mind these simple tips for selection of jewelery and this will sure lead the way your day goes!
Thank you!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unique Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring How to wear Turtle shaped Finger Ring and its Symbolism

Tortoise shaped finger rings are seen adorning the beautiful fingers lately in many types of colored stones and metals. With animals coming in as latest trends and many celebrities wearing animal prints in fashion wear the jewelry section too  boasts of some animal shapes. Tortoise, turtle the symbol for goodluck and prosperity in feng shui has become so loved that people, men are wearing metal and gemstone finger rings of turtles for attracting luck.
The shape of the turtle represents the earth and the heaven. The hard  shell shape of heaven and the lower part of earth. As the turtle loves it represents the movement in the universe the heavens and the earth. There are immense symbolic history of the turtle and over the years they have become symbols of longetivity and wisdom.
The turtle symbolizes wealth coming in gradually and persistently. Longetivity and  protection. With the story of the hare and the tortoise and the intelligent tortoise winning by its slow persistent hard efforts the turtle has come to be known as a good luck symbol and a prosperity icon. Wearing a turtle shaped jewellery for water lovers it is a symbol bringing them close to their passion for water life.
In feng shui the tortoise with its many eye shaped hexagonal shapes and hard shell represents strength and adjustment to all situations.  Not only do people display turtles it the entrance but now they have begun to wear them.
Tortoise shaped finger ring
Gemstone turtles look very pretty and cool and sure are a matter of discussion and attention among any group. You surely can’t miss a large sized pink rose quartz or a green jade turtle on a finger. Even to greater fashion heights another one with lovely colored gemstones can look more attractive and unique. Pearls, silver, gold and different metals the turtle shape jewelery  comes in many forms be it finger rings, pendants , earrings or even exclusive neck pieces.
While wearing turtles and tortoise shaped jewelry, especially finger ring one must keep in mind some of the energy and symbolic aspects of the shape of turtle. As the tortoise is in fact a very slow animal we do not want wealth to gradually wane away from our lives, which may happen when worn coming towards the body.  When wearing the finger rings the tortoise should be worn moving away from the body.
A turtle sculpture or artifact of soil or acrylic or stone must be placed in the north east , centre or south west and a metal tortoise is vet in the north and north west. A family turtle is a great symbol to attract love and harmony in family.  Crystals and gemstone turtles can be placed in the  south west and wood ones can be placed in the east.
Finger rings are the best symbols of completion and most powerful symbols in the universe. The whole circle represents immense powers and in itself the ring is a symbolic representation of good luck and strength.  Develops intuitive qualities and good for businesses and creative people. 
All the Best, Have a Great Day!

How Many gemstone Rings to Wear at a Time Gemstones All Finger Rings Symbolism

A finger ring is a connection with the earth energy and you. The whole universe is connected with this powerful symbol, the circle.  A symbol of infinity and completion.
The index finger , ring finger is most powerful and  always used in healing as with magical powers wear gemstone rings in this finger to accelerate healing of body faster.
The pointing finger or a symbol of authority the index finger gives us more strength than imagined and many gemstone finger rings are worn in this finger for faster benefits.
Assertive people and having a strong will people love to wear their most precious prized stones in this finger, the index finger.
Square shaped stone ring

red energy ring stone

turquoise stone ring

diamond rings

clutch stone three finger rings

How Many gemstone Rings to Wear at a Time
Thumb , strength and will power, has a lot of masculine energy and represents authority and power. The thumb finger rings are worn by confident and authority position individuals.
Thumb rings also represent sexuality and strength. Independent and successful people, who love to follow their own rules usually wear thumb rings. The symbols of thumbs up is a universal symbol for good luck and best wishes.
Middle finger is a rare one where usually people do not wear rings due to old myths and tales that fools wear rings in the middle finger.
The middle finger is the most stable in all the fingers and also represents the ‘me’ power, individuality and personal strength. Helps to develop new skills and acceptance of our limitations.
The ring finger , the most loved finger for wearing jewelery is a beautiful energy finger that represents the direct connection to the heart. Hence wedding finger rings are worn on the left hand ring finger.
This finger also expresses our artistic and creative energy side where in the wearer displays their ambitions by the gemstone worn in this finger.  Healing people wear amethyst finger rings and creative people inviting fame luck may wear red corals or rubies.
The pinky finger , the most unique and beautiful one can be made a centre of attention by wearing a gemstone finger ring. It expresses the confidence of individual and allows to express the nature and is also a means for self expression. The shape of gemstone and the stone sued shares a lot about the  wearer.
There is also a trend where in people wear finger rings in all fingers, this may be to assert their own identity and confidence or also sometimes represents that the wearer is confused. The best way to wear a gemstone finger if you have many types of gemstone rings is to select the one which you feel most attracted on that day or time and wear it. Wearing too many gemstones at a time may confuse the universe as to which type of energy you require. 
Thank you, All the Best!

How to Select Gemstones for Each Day Wear a Different Gemstone Each day

How to Select Gemstones for Each Day Wear a Different Gemstone Each day to attract good luck and great day!
There are certain gemstones that have the energy that is most beneficial on certain days. Wearing these gemstones on this particular day will attract more positive energy and good luck. Many healers suggest the following gemstones for each day of the week.
Sunday  Ruby
Monday Pearl Opal
Tuesday Bloodstone Amethyst
Wednesday Jade Agate
Thursdays Emerald Sapphire
Friday Lapis Lazuli
Bright Amethyst Stone for Birth Month February
Saturday Onyx
This guideline can help to invite special energies into your life and what more you can have a list of colorful gemstones finger rings to be worn every day!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best fro Rizwana!

Cat Eye Gemstone Lahsunia Benefits and Symbolism

Cats eye for strength prosperity and protection this beautiful greenish yellow colored stone is worn by many to remove negative energies and harmful karmic effects that block progress and wealth in ones life.  A beautiful stone the cats eye has immense benefits and helps heal the body or pains and diseases.
Transparency and vibrancy the cats eye is a beautiful stone with immense healing properties. Begin a new business, uplift a losing out business and improving wealth, or even used to find lost wealth.
For creative business and those who love to take on challenges at work this cats eye stone brings loads of luck. Gemologists also believe that the cats eye has healing properties and help heal the body from any past abuses and protects form negative energies. Also beneficial in many chronic diseases and problems.
From improving memory to relieving stress and anxiety this powerful tone is the one chosen by many for its immense healing benefits.  
Thank you!