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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Men Customized Gemstone Earrings and Studs Latest Trends in men's Jewellery

Men wearing gemstone earrings and studs , a symbol of freedom of expression and confidence today we are seeing a lot of young and old men wearing ear jewelry that is made customize according to their  specific tastes. Ear jewelry in men has become a symbol of identity and soul realization and also has an important role in healing.
From ancient ages men have flaunted their jewellery right from higher authority kings and royalties. Spiritual people wore beads of different types of gemstones and still do. Then we had the traditional Muslim Fakirs, or God lovers, Sufis, who would wear stone malas and had a wonderful combination of large oval finger rings of colored gemstones.
Black Gemstone Studs for Men
As men also wore  heavy jewellery ear rings as also queens and kings these piece of jewellery was universally accepted as piece of ornament worn by both sexes. Even present we see many movie stars wearing this ornament representing traditional culture,  we saw Salman Khan flaunting a single bali or a pair in Surily Ankhiyon Wale song of Hindi movie Veer, and men wearing single gold ear rings in one ear or both. And still he is famous for showing off his large Turquoise stone bracelet in hand as well as the traditional small gold bali in ear. Traditional families still carry along the tradition of men wearing ear rings. And we see many Jain and Gujrathi men wearing traditional balis which is now not restricted to any community or religion and has come to be known as elite and confident men symbol.  Then there are many who wear earring studs in both ears and some prefer to wear a single one.
Red Ruby Ear Studs in Gold Flower shaped

Ear rings and Balis worn symbolized religious sanctity and religious rituals and those men wearing these piece of ornaments were higher level and got respect, as  being royal or religious heads.  Pandits wore balis and still men from these families continue to wear ear rings even after changing their profession today. The trend today is more on colored gemstone studs that highlight the ear.
As ear is symbolic of body in healing term and acupuncture and Chinese therapies lay a lot of importance on ear describing it as correspondent to body part, ear studs have become a part of healing the body.
Gemstones of symbolic value and energies and their corresponding color to the color of the chakra can be effectively used to heal body and physical ailments and diseases. The commonest seen is the balck tourmaline stone ear studs worn by men as they are a strong symbol of power, authority and protection form evil eye and negative energies.
We see so many gemstone jewelry websites online selling with loads of fancy studs for men. right from colored stones of black, red, blue, orange to silver and gold as well as unique and bizzare shapes in mens ear jewelry.
All men out there, enjoy the beautiful gemstone studs, and make a style statement, why should girls have all the fun!
God Bless from Rizwana!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Vintage and Expensive Costliest Bejeweled Frames and Glasses Caring for your costly Gold Platinum Diamond Studded Spectacles

Vintage and expensive bejeweled frames are making way into designers going out of the way in incorporating real gemstones into gold and platinum frames. From Ogani, Cartier and Fred and Dolce and Gabbana we have a lot of most expensive designer costliest frames available in 24 Carat Gold and Platinum studded with real diamonds and gemstones .
Retro Specs costliest designer eye wear frames
Retro Specs, costliest, unique designs and Gold made , real metal, unlike other eye wear that is gold or platinum plated. Pin interest has quite a show of pins bejeweled frames and glasses. Pin interest Jeweled Frames has a variety of bejewelled designer frames and rimless glasses.
Bejewelled Frames great offer on Ebay
Then the offers on ebay,a lovely bejewelled framed glasses, awesum!

Gemstones and unique bejeweled eye wear is another way to make a style statement. Not only looks great but also adds a lot of value to your face!
Buying one and using one is totally different. Some caring tips for your gemstone studded bejewelled specs and glasses-
1) Choose from  only the best / reputed  designer specs and frames as they have proper guidelines and instructions for caring and wearing of your spectacles. 
2) Keep the spectacle in case after every use carefully.
3) Wipe only with the soft cloth given along and never use hash rough surfaced materials to clean your bejeweled spectacles.
4) Always wear you unique spectacle with hair neatly tied or in proper place, with frizzy unruly open hair you risk damaging your spectacles and there is also risk of falling off of your eye wear.
5) Whenever getting ready for any function or occasion always apply make up before wearing the glasses. Ingredients in your make up may react tot eh materials and gemstones of your spectacles. In case you are alone to do your make up and just can't do with out wearing your frames, try to avoid direct contact of cosmetics with your bejeweled frame.
6) Just like any gemstone jewelry you have to take precautions with your gemstone bejeweled spectacles. Avoid rain water, splash of wine and other drinks, and mud splashes. 
7) Always store in proper case with cushioning and in dry cool place. 
8) Never keep your gold or platinum diamond studded spectacles after use directly into the case. Sweat, grime, and make up all have a tendency to react with metals ,especially after storing them for long time. Wipe them with soft cloth , and liquid cleaner given along , dry them well and then store them for next use.
All the Best from Rizwana! Enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Unique Modern Anklets and Elegant Gemstones Anklet in Silver 7 Buying Gemstone Studded Anklets Tips and Care

 Unique  Modern Anklets and Elegant Gemstones Anklet in Silver Buying Tips and Care of Anklets.
Anklets, the beautiful payal worn on ankles, elegantly styling our feet with jewelry, usually since ages we have the silver payal that every woman wears especially married women are supposed to wear, hence always gifted during marriage.
Little girls love the sound of tinkering beads on anklets and anklets are the first most often gifted jewellery when a baby girl is born.
Anklets have gone a tremendous change since the only silver metal payal with modern contemporary designs and motifs and coated with minakri and colors.
Anklet for sale on Ali Express
Today young girls are preferring the traditional anklet in form of modern elegant sleek designer payals. The jewellery has taken a modern form with original gemstone studded in anklet designs.
From turquoise to sapphire to pearls and pink, purple to green stones , we see a lot of modern anklet designs while surfing the web on online jewellery sites that are so trendy and elegant.
From horse shapes, heart shapes, tortoise shapes to butterflies and diamond shapes thee are motifs made from gemstones on the modern anklets.
The metals used in anklets also have gone from the traditional silver to a much beautifully gold plated, and even colored silver.
While we all love anklets it is better to buy anklets with some care-
1) Buy from reputed gemstone jewellery site if you wish to buy original gemstones anklets. We have a lot of anklets and gemstone jewellery available online jewellery stores. They come with a guarantee and authenticity.
2) Choose gemstone anklets according to your life style. If you are a more outdoor person and love to wear shoes often anklets will get covered with socks and hence the beauty will be hidden as well as there will increase the risk of breaking of gemstones from your anklets. And if you wear long dresses they will almost be hidden always.
3) If you love unique colored gemstone anklets then you will have to go along in minimizing colors selection of your outfit. A very colorful outfit will mar the effects and beauty of your elegant anklet design.
4) Too many hanging shapes and gemstones may come in between walking style , so consider one that fits well over your anklet and is of correct size. Neither too large nor too small, just falling gracefully over your anklet. Personally I prefer wearing my original gemstones studded  anklet and then buying them.
5) Preferably when you choose a modern gemstone anklet go in for short, knee length dresses so that your feet are visible, that's what you want.
6) Gemstones in anklets will require the same care as any other gemstone jewelry. Do find out and read properly the instructions and care for your jewelry.
 7) Avoid wearing gemstone anklets in rain and muddy water or clogged roads as the stones may get affected and change color. There is also rick of chipping or breaking of gemstones from your anklets.
8) Footwear selection is of utmost importance when wearing gemstone anklets. Ankle strap shoes or sandals must be avoided as they will clash with the design and colors of modern gemstone anklets. Usually women prefer chappals and slippers to show off their beautiful designer anklets.
When choosing to wear gemstone anklets always keep in mind, your feet will get a lot of attention, just about everyone will want to have a glimpse at the contemporary design gemstone anklets, make sure they are well pedicured, clean and fresh !
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Most Unlucky Gemstones and How to Deflect Negative Bad Luck from Gemstones

Most Unlucky Gemstones , heard this as people impulsively purchase gemstones and wear them without proper guidance and knowledge. then also there is past history of gemstones, if not lucky for previous wearer,  that may get carried over to you if you do not purify the gemstone jewelry before wearing.
The most unlucky gemstones, as goes the legends form past that pearls and opal are considered the most unluckiest stones for many. Reason may be first, these may not be their birth stones. Another reason may be handed over from previous carers they may have accumulated negative energy. Then also this happens that the gemstones are gifted by some one with ill intentions.
Usually I don't know if this superstition or truth, I personally do not believe any gemstone may be bad, as I love every color and every piece of stone!but yes there is some times an imbalance in energy when we wear or place some gemstone near us, and this depends upon each individual and their own energy field.
But yes some stones when worn do bring about a different type of energy , feelings, maybe depression, sadness , weakness, disillusionment, blocked mind, dizziness, irritability, arguments, and you ask wearers, they come with thousands of different ill effects when wearing some type of stone and thus they stop wearing these.
Do not blame the stone. the energy of the past wearer may have been attached to the gemstone and stuck there. Purifying with salt water, use soft muslin cloth. Clean the gemstones gently thoroughly removing all traces of salt. For the sun loving gemstones give them some sunlight and for the moon loving ones let them soak for some time in full moonlit night. Then always put intention to your gemstone for whatever purpose you wish to wear this,  then find the auspicious day and begin wearing , as say gemologists and healers.
Pearls  never gifted to new married couples
Gifting opal and pearls ( they represent tear drops) is found to bring ill luck to many and especially avoided during engagements and weddings, many have bad experiences with this. Even if you are gifted it is advisable to hand over a small sum of money for this to counter and break the ill luck spell.
One important tip to counter most ill effects of gemstones  to add diamonds. clear diamonds sparkling bright are proved to protect wearer and also undo all ill effects from other gemstones.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!