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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wear you initials in Diamonds Earrings and pendants Customized Initials Jewellery in Diamonds and Gemstones

With customized pendants rocking in diamond jewellery as gifting purposes earrings also with your initials are available in diamonds. Not only do personalized initial diamond jewellery give the personal touch to your gifting but also lets the one always remember you for thinking about them.
It is considered cool to wear your initials or of some one you love, as right from young age to adolescents and bestest friends and friends forever initials can be got customized in diamond jewellery. While couples also go in for matching initials in finger rings it has become one of the trends to flaunt your initials in jewellery.
Customized Alphabet diamond pendant
We are spoiled for choice in customized initials as earlier we used to get one in solid gold or silver but today we have a variety of designer calligraphy and abstract designs in initials as jewellery. Even colorful gemstones studded initials rock as great additions to any ensemble. 
Art and jewellery have made a great combination in giving out contemporary  and modern look to the traditional initials jewellery pieces and made them a lot in style with trends and fashions. Jewellery designers are focusing more on how to imbibe designs and beautiful calligraphy as well as semi precious and  precious stones in our same old alphabets .
Wearing a initial studded earring or pendant flaunts your name or that of the loved one , yet in a subdued fantasy manner, giving a hint in the initials but also keeping the secret of the full name. So while celebrities are flaunting their initials in jewellery or of those special ones , go ahead and choose some for your self, or that special one in your life, Going back to basics lets wear a for apple/ Anushka and b for ball/ Bebo!
All the Best, Enjoy!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birth Stone Chart Choose stones of your birth month with this chart

Birth Stone Chart with images of gemstones for each month
'Birthstones are a collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones, with each stone representing a month of the Gregorian calendar. The idea behind the birthstone can be traced back to the Breastplate of Aaron, a religious garment holding the twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Today, each birthstone symbolizes special characteristics that are believed to hold true to its wearer. Take a look at this birthstone chart to discover what benefits your birthstone can offer you!' as shared by a fan of this blog,  Alisa

Thank you Alisa for this share.
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elephant Shaped Bracelet Unique Symbolic and contemporary Bracelet

Animal shaped bracelets are symbolically worn to attract good luck, especially jewellery designers are tapping the symbolic potential of images into jewellery designs. Contemporary jewellery is made with following a fusion of traditional motifs and patterns in jewellery and the elephant shape comes first as the Elephant God is loved by many and has a lot of symbolic significance for attracting well being and prosperity.
Elephant Head Shaped Kada in Gold
Elephants always symbolize wealth and attract good times and elephant shape worn as part of jewellery does the same ,symbolically attract good luck. Today w e see modern contemporary jewellery having elephant motifs in ear rings, finger rings, bracelets and even neck laces and pendants.

Colorful gemstone studded elephants make your jewellery piece as work of art. The green emeralds are preferred as green is the color of prosperity. Also the gemstone to attract fame, rubies are a great combination with emeralds. Then we also see a lot of elephant motifs in jewellery finishing and coatings and in minakri work where jewellery in gold is painted in special colors. By skilled craftsmen, here also red and green , blue combinations are best for elephant motifs in jewellery. 
Elephants design also rules in the baju band designs and is much loved by ladies who choose modern style jewellery. Usually two elephants are chosen as pair for good luck. The most loved shape in elephant motifs among jewellery designs are the ones with elephant with raised trunks symbolizing welcoming prosperity.
The fusion of traditional and modern jewellery designs form the basic of today’s choices and ladies select a fusion jewellery as compared to only traditional old designs only. Elephants also give a traditional look and the shapes of jewellery designs and use give your jewellery a contemporary modern look.
So while we see elephants on square shaped earrings, we also see a lot of triangular and abstract shapes in modern jewellery with elephant motifs.
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!