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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Swarovski Crystal World Austria Best original Swarovski Shopping are these diamonds? do swarovski crystals heal?

I was here! Swarovski Crystal World! 

Swarovski Horse Chetak embellished in crystals
Entrance of Swarovski Crystal World Austria 

The Swarovski Crystal world , Austria, amidst serene mountains , eveyr where an aura of fresh air and majestic mountains, Swiss alps. entrance is amazingly afresh with a inviting water fall. The Goodluck Brave horse Chetak finds an prominent place as you enter the museum, swarovski world.
You will be awestruck by the beauty surrounding you! Swarovski is precision cut glass, but , Oh! so beautiful! clarity, reflective properties and colours, absolute magic!
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Banner at entrance of Swarovski world Austria Europe

 Swarovski are man made gems manufactured in Austria. In 1892 Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for making sharp precise cut , high quality, lead glass crystals  using quartz, sand and minerals. A world famous brand name , Swarovski is precision cut  crystal glass. They are not found naturally on Earth. Hence crystals are also referred to as man made Diamonds. They so resemble to Diamonds but they are not real diamonds.
About healing properties of Swarovski crystals- These are man made with added energy of processing and machines. The original stones found on earth, raw stone and gemstones definitely have much more energy realign properties. But Swarovski crystals also do bring about healing due to their sparkling efficiency , transmitting and spreading rays of glistening light every where with their sparkle.
Swarovski crystals are believed to bring goodluck and are way less costlier than original diamonds. What more, they have the same clarity, sparkle and shine! Coloured glasses are believed to bring about healing properties as the colour added. they do assure that many minerals/ ingredients are naturally added to get the particular colour, saffron is one example. and natural lapiz lazuli.
There is a museum at the entry way and the display is amazing. Swarovski dresses, crown, structures, 3 d display robotics, crystal shoes (brings back my Cinderella fantasy!)
The shopping center at the head office of Swarovski crystal world is large and beautiful display of beautiful masterpieces in glass. You can't help but want them all!
Visiting Austria, Europe, do not forget to take and preserve the bill  at Swarovski crystal world and you also receive free gifts on shopping of a certain amount and above.

Beautiful crystal world Swarovski museum Austria

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 One of the best experiences on Europe tour, as Swiss alps, Mount Titls is irreplaceable and commands all your love,  no doubt Swarovski world is a wish list for those who love diamonds and cannot afford quite some,  and here, you can have them so many!
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Swarovski Crystal Huge Carats

shopping at Swarovski crystal world Austria
Pyramid Crystal world Austria Innsburg
 Each beautifully crafted, the Swarovski Crystal world is beautiful and sparkling with loads of happiness joy and energy of crystals!
Thank you for coming by Obsessed Over Stones! Do share your experiences on Swarovski , your visit to swarovski Crystal world, and  would love to learn more on these amazing crystals. Glass made to Perfection!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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