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Thursday, April 18, 2013

How much Mounting is important in your Painting Frame - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Mounting in any painting frame is very very important as as I hang up a few new framed artworks it seems so great to see how much wonderful the artworks really look.  The style and beauty quotient of your art  rises 200% !
A good frame gives a  body  to  your painting. As artist put their soul into making any piece of art, be it in oils , pencils sketches or water colors the love is of no less intensity as the art for making any art.
Select wider mountings for smaller detailed artworks will not only increase the value of your art but also focus more draw attention to the detailed art piece. Red,   maroon, off white, yellows and grays and blacks mountings of different colors are available and a  good framer will guide you which color mounting to select for the framing of your precious artworks.
Art, any painting is incomplete without a frame, as I see, it looks finished , complete only  when the painting is set in the right frame.
While on this spiritual journey as I continue to paint healing art....
I wish to make  simple colorful understandable symbolic art,  art that heals. Portfolio

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best Gifting Ideas for Women in Your Life Buying Customized Gemstone Jewellery Simple Tips

Gifting ideas for women in your life,  Simple gifting  idea would be to go ahead and buy a personalized jewelery item for woman in your life. Not only will they be happy but they will always remember the magic moment of receiving personalized jewelery from you.
While selecting and buying gemstone jewelery for women you must always go for simplified customized gemstone jewelery. Some simple tips and guidelines for selecting gemstone jewelery for gifting women your life, moms, sisters, girl friends , your wife , the special woman in your life.
If you do not know the lady well go in for simple picks in jewelery. Do not choose finger rings if you do not know the finger size as gifting a jewelry piece that cannot be used is more saddening than not gifting at all.  Ear studs a very simple earrings that also come at low budget price is best bet when you are not sure of the likes of the lady.
Round ring earrings also have universal appeal that are studded with gem stones, be it precious or semi precious. As compared to bangles or kada you may select a personalized bracelet fitted with gemstones that is adjustable in size and can be worn even if a bit loose. Your wife would love any jewelry from you as gift.
If you have the right size of the finger of your wife or can arrange for it by going through her jewellery box  then customized gemstone finger rings are the best as they have a lot of emotional and sentimental value for any woman.
Necklaces also look very very appealing when studded with original colourful healing gemstones if you have the budget as  neck pieces go in the higher  range of prices as  compared to finger rings and earrings.
Zodiac sign rings are hottest picks from all online jewellery shopping sites and mostly all women love them.

You may also get a personalized gemstone rings available from many reputed jewelers or   online shopping sites with the birth stone embedded in it ,  that can be used for healing benefits and good luck. Thus making the gift a memorable one.
If you are not very sure what to buy go in for simple small designs that can be worn as daily wear jewelery as gemstones of birth month or zodiac signs stones also need to be worn daily and as close to the body as possible to get the most benefit from them.
Your girl friend would love to get a personalized pendant of heart shaped gemstone, and your sister would love the ring that you designed especially for her with gemstones.
If at all your wife and women in your life are maybe not very keen on zodiac signs and or birth stones, go very simple, just find out their favourite color,  you may select a gemstone according to their favourite colors. This always works as favourite colors in stones also attract and heal the person as  required   and this will also  bring the sparkle in her eyes!
Happy gifting personalized gemstone jewellery!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Personalized Gemstone Bracelet Guidelines Simple Tips for Choosing Gemstones for Bracelet

Gemstone bracelets look very good and add sparkle to your personality. Not only have bracelets added up as important part of jewellery collections but they have also come side by side to the traditional big Kadas  and bangles. With the contemporary look in them bracelets are a bit loose type of jewellery than the kadas and bangles with adjustable hooks for fitting, worn in wrists and they go well as single pieces to highlight an attire, be it formal or ethnic traditional.
Personalized bracelets are available from any jeweler and also the very many online shopping sites that boast of personalized jewellery. While buying or making personalized bracelets we very often select the number of gemstones we love at first glance or maybe the astrologers advice is strictly followed and we end up paying as much as quoted and get the lucky bracelet. I am not against any lucky gemstone jewellery nor for it, (as I do believe no stone can change your destiny if you don't  work towards it!) I do buy gemstones, any stones,  not only precious gemstones, , collect them for the love of sparkle, their shine, colors, and their rarity! but there are few guidelines you need to consider before jumping in for buying this gemstone bracelet.
As for the size of bracelets usually we get them as small and general universal size and large size. In bracelets there is advantage that similar wrist sizes can wear this piece of jewellery so easy to share and swap during functions. The adjustable hooks give you options for a bit tight and a bit loose style of wearing your bracelet which can be customized by your jeweller according to your wrist  size.Then there are  the elastic adjustable bracelets that fit in snugly on many wrists of different sizes but the only  disadvantage that many people may be allergic to rubber or straps tied too tight around wrists that leaves a mark (like me) so the traditional style bracelet is fine for all.
While choosing gemstones as you select a number of small stones lined up in your bracelet, you may go in for different shapes in stones  added that is round shaped, square shaped gemstones , oval shaped gemstones or even irregular raw gemstones that have the cool freedom look.
Rose quartz bracelets are very good for just anybody with the strong healing properties of rose quartz, and I love rose quartz  stone for the reason they send out positive vibes of pink  and also blue stones  green emeralds and red rubies.
Select only few colors gemstones in your  bracelet or  go in for the funky one with different coloured stones that can go with any dress and occassion. Colors of gemstones apart from their healing properties are also important as they will have an overall effect on your mood and personality. If  you select blue and yellow stones  or  red  and greens a contrast in colour may look good for some  but pinks and whites, peaches and many other semi precious stones also look very good  and are quite affordable. Original diamonds are always welcome by anyone along with semi precious stones in any piece of jewellery.
Select gemstones that  you have been suggested only those that you are comfortable with. I have noticed every stone converses with you.  From the beach stones to the mountain rocks to the precious gemstones, each stone converses with you, as  you feel the liking  strong attraction for some gemstone, or gemstones,  this may not be suggested by your guide or according to your birth gemstone chart, , but go in for it, you will enjoy more this piece of customized bracelet than rather reluctantly making the compulsory purchase of a gemstone paying a fortune and still feeling out of place wearing this bracelet.
Last final  tip for buying from online shopping sites gemstones jewellery, I have bought many pieces of gemstone semi precious jewellery as you get so many options from the comfort of your home, do go in for shopping from reputed sites only in case of  rare gemstones and genuine original gemstone  jewellery,  and never pay exorbitant   prices for  any jewellery piece or  gemstone as  you may not  know the authenticity of this. Always brush up many sites and select the best option for customized bracelets from online shopping jewellery sites.
the   sparkling turquoise blue with french ultramarine stone, a rare antique  semi precious gemstone bracelet, set in silver bracelet..