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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gifting Semi Precious Gemstone Earrings This Valentines ! Check the Weight!

Wishing You A Very Happy 2018! For the love of Gemstones ! as I conti  nue to add up to my little box of jewelry, semi precious stones and a lot of ear rigns! love ear rings, they just have this magic of completing your fabulous festive dressed up look instantly!
Oops! Yes, just added a few of the fancy chandelier and chand bali earrings to my little box of semi precious gemstone jewelry. No, I never sued to wear these till a few years back, it was only gold diamonds and platinum. But with the latest trends and the rates of jewelry going so high , the risk factors increasing to wear precious jewelry, what more than to flaunt latest trends in jewellery, and that too in such a cheap price!
So    I have begun adding semi precious gemstones, they come at an affordable rate and if you buy from authentic shops and jewelers you get to enjoy the shine for years.
semi precious Diamonds , gemstones are trending and are quite cheap and you get to order on line.
What I learned?
1) yes, you just see the colours and the design and you fall in love with these chandelier earrings, Jhumkas and chand balis. They are shown worn by attractive models and you just stare at the designs and patterns.
2) You never notice the actual size. In photographs it is difficult to understand the size of the ear   rings. They may be too large for your face or too small like the Jhumkas I ordered were way too small and the chand balis almost covered my face!
3) The weight! yup! the weight! do enquire about the weight of the earrings as many of these artificial gemstone jewellery is way too heavy and your ears dangle for  help!There is also risk of ear tearing.
4) Check the true colours of the gemstones You may end up with mina kari , painted earrings instead of actual semi precious gemstones in your ear rings.
5) If you are gifting  ear rings for valentines day, do consider the age and size(ear) of the recipient. Ending up gifting   an over sized chand bali will make your valentine embarrassed.
Ear rings are so trendy and I love the Jhunkas ,especially, they go so  well with  my dresses and sarees, even just the large ear rings complete your jewelry look instantly!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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