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Which Color Gemstones to Buy to Spread Christmas Cheer, Best New Year Gifts of Costly Gemstone Jewellery

Christmas and new  year gifts are always fun and spread cheer and happiness. They are a way to connect with your family, friends ,relatives and colleagues. With so  much variety available  online gemstone websites,  Which Color Gemstones to Buy to Spread  Christmas Cheer? The colors of the season of course!
 Best New Year Gifts of Costly Gemstone Jewellery are in fashion and not only women  but also men are opting for gemstones in cuff links, tie pins and finger rings and  more.
The color of the season,  Christmas always brings two prominent colors in our mind, green and red.The color of snow white always rules in gemstones in diamonds a girls best friend!
Green symbolizes prosperity, good health and good luck and red a color of fire, passion, energy and positive feng shui energy to attract fame and recognition.
Green red diamond gemstone necklace

Red green white Costly gemstone jewellery gift

Beautiful christmas Cheer color gemstone jewellery pendant

Two color gemstones are ruling this year as always red and green. rubies, emeralds among the costly gemstones are in the fashion with elite class. These colors gemstones not only spread the festive spirit around but also cheer the environment and also are a symbol of class and status.
What more these  gemstones also can be worn on many traditional Indian outfits like embroidered lehangas cholis , sarees and Anarkalis which have the festival colors. Or a elegant white dress with the colored stones become the highlight and focal point of attention in any group at this occasion of happiness and cheer.Which Color Gemstones to Buy to Spread  Christmas Cheer,  Best New Year Gifts of Costly Gemstone Jewellery.
Green emerald, red ruby white diamond jewellery this festive season
Formal suits and ladies clothing can also be carried off  well with a small emerald studded gemstone finger  ring or pendant that has a tint of red ruby. Large costly gemstone jewellery pieces with traditional designs and patterns are also ruling as gifting options since with buying small daily wear pieces there is often  risk of the person already owning it.
Emeralds and Pearls in neck piece gemstone jewellery costly gifts New Year
Large gemstone necklaces , pendants are best options for gifting others as they have more chances of acceptance and use as  compared  to ear rings that may not suit everyone and finger ring gifts  also depend upon the size of the finger.
Budget ranges of gemstone jewellery neckpieces in red and green stones is available for gifting among the costly gemstone gifts where you can either choose the chain with hook or the golden thread where you save money.
Spread the christmas cheer this new year by gifting gemstone jewellery to the special people in your life. Costly gemstone jewellery gifts will not only be welcome and spread happiness but in a way you will also gift healing to the receiver. Green colored stones help to attract energy that helps the heart chakra and heals all heart issues. The red stone, a powerful energy gem  stone very often used for energy, passion, love and fame is the best gift today.
Gift prosperity and good luck with colored gemstone jewellery this new year.
Red and White with  a small drop of color  necklace gemstone jewellery gifting option
All the Best, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Prosperous New Year Ahead!


  1. Obsessed Over Stones welcomes you Lunawat gems, Thank you for coming by, yes green and red is a great combination for this festive season among gemstones.
    All the Best!


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