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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best Gifting Ideas for Women in Your Life Buying Customized Gemstone Jewellery Simple Tips

Gifting ideas for women in your life,  Simple gifting  idea would be to go ahead and buy a personalized jewelery item for woman in your life. Not only will they be happy but they will always remember the magic moment of receiving personalized jewelery from you.
While selecting and buying gemstone jewelery for women you must always go for simplified customized gemstone jewelery. Some simple tips and guidelines for selecting gemstone jewelery for gifting women your life, moms, sisters, girl friends , your wife , the special woman in your life.
If you do not know the lady well go in for simple picks in jewelery. Do not choose finger rings if you do not know the finger size as gifting a jewelry piece that cannot be used is more saddening than not gifting at all.  Ear studs a very simple earrings that also come at low budget price is best bet when you are not sure of the likes of the lady.
Round ring earrings also have universal appeal that are studded with gem stones, be it precious or semi precious. As compared to bangles or kada you may select a personalized bracelet fitted with gemstones that is adjustable in size and can be worn even if a bit loose. Your wife would love any jewelry from you as gift.
If you have the right size of the finger of your wife or can arrange for it by going through her jewellery box  then customized gemstone finger rings are the best as they have a lot of emotional and sentimental value for any woman.
Necklaces also look very very appealing when studded with original colourful healing gemstones if you have the budget as  neck pieces go in the higher  range of prices as  compared to finger rings and earrings.
Zodiac sign rings are hottest picks from all online jewellery shopping sites and mostly all women love them.

You may also get a personalized gemstone rings available from many reputed jewelers or   online shopping sites with the birth stone embedded in it ,  that can be used for healing benefits and good luck. Thus making the gift a memorable one.
If you are not very sure what to buy go in for simple small designs that can be worn as daily wear jewelery as gemstones of birth month or zodiac signs stones also need to be worn daily and as close to the body as possible to get the most benefit from them.
Your girl friend would love to get a personalized pendant of heart shaped gemstone, and your sister would love the ring that you designed especially for her with gemstones.
If at all your wife and women in your life are maybe not very keen on zodiac signs and or birth stones, go very simple, just find out their favourite color,  you may select a gemstone according to their favourite colors. This always works as favourite colors in stones also attract and heal the person as  required   and this will also  bring the sparkle in her eyes!
Happy gifting personalized gemstone jewellery!


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