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Friday, May 10, 2013

Which Gemstone for Fifth Marriage Anniversary Gift Rose Quartz Stone for Heart Healing Properties

Which gemstone for fifth marriage anniversary? Fifth marriage anniversary a very good gift would be to use rose quartz, the stone of love in any customized jewellery and gift this unique precious gift.
How to use rose quartz in customized jewellery and healing properties of rose quartz  a beautiful pink stone of love, some simple ideas.   Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and unconditional love. It represents the heart chakra and open the chakra of the individual wearing it to love, acceptance and giving love to others. With its beautiful soothing pink color it is most loved by all women.
A very good healing stone rose quartz is the best gemstone for fifth marriage anniversary. It restores trust and harmony in relationships and as we see rose quartz stone in many forms and not just jewellery, it can be gifted in any form. The good use of rose quartz  would also be in form of statues, sculptures,  charms and pendants. Rose quartz pyramids and cubes as well as pendulums are also good and have immense healing properties.
A rose quartz stone embedded in a neck piece or a beautiful big rose quartz studded along  with diamonds would look so pretty on any neck. Rings are always welcome and also a unique gift for your partner.
Before buying rose quartz stone do consider simple tips for selecting genuine rose quartz  stone.  A very good stone for all healers and all individuals in healing fields like physicians, psychiatrists,  singers, artists etc. Genuine rose quartz is not transparent but a lovely opaque , it may also see waves of pink but do not select any rose quartz stone with cracks, impurities in any form of dark patches or abnormal shapes. Also see that the stone on washing does not become transparent.
Men can be gifted with rose quartz embedded in cuff links, customized writing pens, pyramids, paper weights and sculptures for displaying on  their bedroom side table or office desk. Lovely jumping happy penguins also look great in rose quartz as also a sculpture of a couple in pink stone. The possibilities are immense with using rose quartz stone in gifting.
Important  to select the base material for embedding rose quartz stone as this stone has cooling properties and goes best with silver, sterling silver and platinum metals as compared to gold that has a yellow tinge which would not do justice to this beautiful  pink stone.
While gifting rose quartz do consider sharing a few  simple tips to the receiver about t he caring and cleaning of this stone as abrasive surfaces can crack the stone and constant use  of rose quartz jewellery near heat and hot water will mar down its healing effects and also make the stone weak.
Clean any rose quartz stone jewellery with soft soapy liquid without any abrasive particles and wipe it with soft muslin cloth, It is also advised by healers that this stone can be charged with positive energy and heart healing powers by exposing it to cold light in the full moon night and any intentions put up by the healers sure work miracles with the beautiful pink stone rose quartz.


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