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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tips for Choosing Gemstones Kamar Band Girdles Mekhala Hip Ornament symbolism of Kamar Band

Hip ornament  highlighting your beautiful curves is a piece of traditional jewellery carried till today with grace,  the hip band or kamar band. A kamar band has history of Gods and Goddesses   wearing kamar bands as a piece of jewellery along with other pieces. Kings and queens wore kamar bands  and this pieces of jewellery seen even today as  a style statement when ladies with smart curves and shapely waist wear this ornament. This kamar band was a large piece of chain or ornament that went all along the waist and was hooked to the dress or saree near the waist.
Kamar Band Hip Ornament
Kamar meaning loins and Band meaning to hold is a  beautiful  large piece of chain that decorates the waist. This piece of jewellery falls nearly in the centre of your body and its function is to hold the saree in place. The piece of gold or silver kamar band helps heal the sexual chakra or the  manipura chakra which corresponds with the color yellow.
Initially the kamar band piece of jewellery came into existence to hold the heavy saree , clothing worn by Godesses , Gods , Kings and Queens. The purpose of kamar band was to keep the robe in place in that style it was worn as, just like a saree is pinned this piece of jewellery worn to highlight the waist as well as hold the costume together in place.
Stone studded kamar bands look very good made in gold or silver. Traditionally the kamar band was an ornament used to hold key chains, the whole house and safe box keys and usually was transferred from mother in law to daughter in laws after marriage of their sons. This kamar bands have symbolic meaning representing transfer of responsibilities and power.
Kamar bands  are now decorated with gemstones and drop patterns and pearls. Traditionally these were flat gold or silver bands consisting of chains and now we see quiet many variations in the kamar band ornament designs.
 Half kamar bands, sleek kamar bands and single chain kamar bands can go along with any attire and work as belts for formal dresses and long flowy skirts. Gemstone studded kamar bands also go with traditional salwar kameez dress and formal knee length dresses. The purpose today of wearing kamar bands is not just for any traditional reason but they have made their place as an style statement in fashion jewellery designs and worn by celebrities and famous people.
Choosing gemstone kamar band follow some simple tips-
1) Do not go in for heavy stones and many colored gemstones while you are on the heavier side on waist and hips. Select simple semi precious gemstones first and then go in for multi colored stones in designs of your ornaments as they must not clash with your heavy dress , saree or any outfit.
2) Choose a simple sleek  kamar band or go in for half side kamar band. Chains, beaded or single line metal kamar band goes well for heavy waist line and thicker broad patterns, multi chains,  in kamar band can go well for the beautiful slim curvaceous curves.
3) If you have never worn a kamar band go in for cheaper one first instead of investing in costly gold or silver metal kamar band as this piece of jewellery is not comfortable for everyone.
4) Wear light weight metal kamar band as you do not want to increase your weight look. Silver goes off well as compared to gold for heavier bulk on waist. Always select sleek designs for the graceful look.
5) If you have a handed over heavy work kamar band with many colored gemstones and beads and multi layered  then  go in for plain silks or dresses that will highlight this beautiful piece of jewellery.
6) When you also wish to wear the key chain made of metal try to secure the kamar band well with your saree as the weight of the band is quite some and along with the keychain and keys it become more.

Hip ornament worn as fashion accessory over western outfits

7) Store kamar bands separately as the multi chains ones gets entangled easily with other ornaments and there is risk of breaking.
Now today we see funky kamar bands worn on formal dresses and skirts as well as salwar kameez as belts. Necklaces also can be worn as kamar bands in different style as also the payal or anklet can perform the same function as another piece of modification in   this jewellery. Sterling silver kamar bands studded with stones, colored minakari work, and many metals beads also form a new piece of jewellery the funky stylish kamar band.

Gemstone studded hip ornament

The multi layered har or many chains necklace, often handed over from generations with heavy gold or silver metal work  can also be worn sometimes as the kamar band so that you can wear the same ornament in different styles on different occasions. But do remember if you have a slim curve wear a kamar band as this will make you the centre of attention, but  just in case  you are heavy downside wear this ornament with caution, as this will take all eyes to the body part you don’t want them to focus on!
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