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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cat Eye Gemstone Lahsunia Benefits and Symbolism

Cats eye for strength prosperity and protection this beautiful greenish yellow colored stone is worn by many to remove negative energies and harmful karmic effects that block progress and wealth in ones life.  A beautiful stone the cats eye has immense benefits and helps heal the body or pains and diseases.
Transparency and vibrancy the cats eye is a beautiful stone with immense healing properties. Begin a new business, uplift a losing out business and improving wealth, or even used to find lost wealth.
For creative business and those who love to take on challenges at work this cats eye stone brings loads of luck. Gemologists also believe that the cats eye has healing properties and help heal the body from any past abuses and protects form negative energies. Also beneficial in many chronic diseases and problems.
From improving memory to relieving stress and anxiety this powerful tone is the one chosen by many for its immense healing benefits.  
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