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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What an Emerald gemstone Ring Can do for you if you believe in magic of gemstones

Emerald is a stone for prosperity and wealth. It improves communication skills and increases confidence and heals the heart. Friendship and tranquility and clairvoyance abilities are enhanced by wearing emeralds.
Panna as it is called is a beautiful colored stone, I love emerald green in my oils. Gemini and virgo have this as birth stone. Green a great healing color hits right to the heart chakra and heals the heart. Looking at the stone for some time relaxes the mind and opens the heart for acceptance of situations and love and compassion.
The gemstone is available in many carats and the clarity of the stone will show with the price attached to it. The emerald stone can be worn in any type of jewellery as ear rings, finger rings or necklaces or pendants.
Emerald gemstone
It soothes the heart and brings a lot of spiritual energy by focusing the mind and removing negative energies. Buying an emerald stone feel the energy vibrations and the cool touch, it must not have impurities or cracks inside and feel great when in contact with your touch.
For me I look at the gemstone, the color attracts me and the shine, but I love the solid feel of stones and do not go in for transparent stones as they look like crystals or glass, the rest is history just can’t keep my hands off!
Loose stones can also be bought and then made into customized jewellery usually people prefer to wear emeralds as in finger rings. A large emerald stone sure not only provides immense health and luck benefits but also adds loads of style and elegance to your body.
Do not expect miracles while you buy a gemstone , no stone can change destiny over night, buy for the love of it and if it works wonders well great for you!
Presently enjoying the colorful stones, being totally obsessed over my stones!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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