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How to use Pink colored stones effectively Pink Stones of Love Rose Quartz and Pink Crystals Symbolism

Original Rose Quartz Pyramid
How will you use your pink stone effectively for the maximum benefit and get what the stone is intended to give, more love, more happiness and more peace. Pink colored stones have always been loved for their love energy and the symbolism they have to  develop love and compassion. In healing the rose quartz tops the list as it has the energy to dissolve negative energies, helps one to relax, soothes stress and also helps to overcome irrational fears and disillusions.
The pink stone is also a great skin lightener and helps to lighten the color of your skin so for all those in search of fairer skin this is the stone.
In health problems of the heart, emotional problems, and chronic ailments the rose quartz helps one to accept and come over the issues of the heart and live a more successful and good quality of life. Rose quartz stone is worn as pendants, finger rings, bracelets or in simple forms of shapes like pyramid, tower, band or rock form which is displayed near the bed or on the work table to dissolve negativity and make the environment pure and peaceful.
Big Sized Pink Crystals for Home
When worn near the heart it helps to soothe stress and controls the emotions, and in cases of mental disorders, emotionally unstable people and irritable or people having lots of fire energy who get angry very fast can be helped by wearing this ebautiful stone or keeping this near their body.
Pink crystals are another form of beautiful energy that gives out love waves and helps the person to be more peaceful and stable.
Especially in todays life of electronic exposure when the digital ultra violet rays are so strong as we are surrounded with gadgets this beautiful stone is a must to help balance ones energy and make the body more peaceful and your aura more stable.

Dark Pink Colored Stone
 The best way to sue the pink colored stone is that it touches your body and is near the heart chakra. In pendant or necklace form the stone is best, as it heals the heart chakra and develops more love and compassion.The center part of your body, the heart chakra sends vibrations to all the other body parts and is essential for overall growth and happiness.
Bracelets are another common jewellery you will find this stone as in beads of rose quartz. Finger rings look great with a huge rose quartz, that's on my wish list.
Light Pink Crystal
In case you do not wish to wear the stone in jewellery form keep it in form of cylinder, ball, pyramid or wand near your bed so that you can touch to when you get up firth thing and again while going to bed. You will see the difference in your health, body, behavior within a few days, I love this beautiful stone of healing,especially the soft baby pink color, and also the opaqueness is great, a world of happiness in this stone.
Crystals are more vibrant and sparkling stones that look great in jewellery, except that they can be only worn with specific outfits that are white or pink or light colored.
Pink Stone of Healing

Pink represents love and in feng shui is the color used to attract marital happiness and marital luck. So the best place to keep this stone is near your bed in the bedroom. It soothes strained relationships and love grows. It is also a good stone to attract the true love of your life.
(Just a precaution, the pink colored stone has more feminine energy and is cool stone and usually when men are needed to keep/wear this stones in case of irritability, anger and violent attacks, mood disorders the stone can be balanced with an yang energy stone for few days to keep the energy harmonious, as women have more feminine energy yin and men have the high level of yang energy).
Both can benefit with the stone and the energy is never harmful as it always soothes and relaxes the mind and heart.
People who are always irritable and angry have personal issues of the heart that have not come up and this is a great stone to bring them to acceptance of facts and develop Karuna , love and compassion. You will find a well adjusted individual  who will naturally attract love from family and friends.
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Take Care and All the Best from rizwana!