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7 tips for Buying Online Gemstone Jewellery

With the gifting season on hand, a season of love , online shopping gemstone sites are booming with sales. With diamond jewellery still ruling there are many budget range gemstones that look attractive and fit into every budget.Hand made customized gemstone jewellery for everyone, and as I love the vibrancy of gemstones we keep searching for good deals for gemstone jewellery online. With diamonds ruling the world of every woman there are other colorful gems tones which are a favorite among many. The top list has diamonds first, then comes rubies for their sheer vibrant pinky reds, and this is followed by the beautiful emerald green stones jewellery. After this the list is endless,  other stones tourmaline, pearls, quartz stones and rest.
Customized gemstone jewellery is available online very easily as also many shopping websites offer great discounts for gemstone jewellery. ranges from different budgets the gems tone jewellery is also hand made for fitting into your personal gemstone needs.
Before surfing the net and jumping into cheapest deals for any gem stone jewellery Let us discuss a few important simple tips while ordering and buying gemstone jewellery from any online shopping site.
1) Find out that the website is reputed and they sell genuine gem stones. This you can only find out by the authenticity certificate they provide along with the gem stone jewellery. Always buy from genuine reputed sites otherwise even crystals and glass cubes look as attractive as gems tones,and it is very difficult to identify and recognize an original gem stone. So you may end up paying much more for the crystal cut glass cubes!
2) Find out about the exact details about the size of your gemstone jewellery. Rings, chokers, bangles, ear rings, gemstone bracelets, pendants, every piece of gemstone jewellery will be shown on the website as large and attractive. While you get the delivery home the ear rings may be of a child size ears!
As for loose gems tones do read the details carefully about the inches or mm or cm of the size of the gemstone offered for sale. Rings offered must be of sizes mentioned and the fitted gemstone must be specified of the authenticity and quality.
2) Gem stones are sold according to carat and the prices will vary according to the cut. Find out the over all look of the gemstone according to its carat. and the price will be according to this.Usually we go for cheap deals but often  neglect the fact that when the gem stone is cheaper in price so is the quality of a lower grade carat. So read abut the details carefully and not only go for the lowest price deals while buying gemstone jewellery.
3) Payment modes must be carefully selected and information shared, always use secured mode of payment only.
Obsessed Over Stones
4) While ordering for customized gem stone jewellery you will need high level of creativity. Imagine how the collection of colored gem stones will look on your ears, or maybe in a necklace when you add yellow stone or red how will the customized jewellery piece finally look? single stones may look good but a collection of gems tones in one piece of jewellery  is the tricky part.
5) Which metal is the gem stone jewellery customized and made. This will have a vast difference in pricing of the gem stone jewellery. A silver jewellery piece with gems tones will definitely fall lower in price as compared to gold or platinum jewellery. The cost of the gemstone jewellery will wholly depend upon the base material metal used to make the gemstone jewellery.
6) Consider the metal you need in your customized gemstone jewellery. Do you want to have an heirloom piece with the gemstone, so you can go in for costly metals like platinum and gold as base. If the gem stone jewellery is just another addition to your jewellery box, a one time wear, occasional wear,  then you can  go in for less costly materials like silver, sterling silver or a mixture of five metals like copper, brass etc.
7) Plan the buying online gem stone according to the occasion well in advance, so that you receive the ready customized gemstone jewellery on time of your occasion or for gifting some one. Keep some days well in advance so that you receive the ready gemstone jewellery piece on time.
Thank you, Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
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  1. online shopping for jewellery sites gives you security and reputability information. Online store is like a dream where available huge ranges or almost every range of products, which comes true when one do online shopping.

    1. Yes John and it is also so easy to buy online jewellery from the comfort of your home.

  2. Very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing such useful information here and nice snaps.
    Hope to see such a informative stuff in future.
    Online Jewellery Shopping India

  3. Thanks Velvetcase Jewellery for the lovely comment

  4. Truly great points to remember when you purchase and jewellery items online.Information like this make people aware about online frauds.great post.
    fashion jewellery online

  5. Fashion jewellery online is having so many wonderful designer jewellery at so reasonable rates, thanks vivek am sure going to get some

  6. I really love reading and following your post as I find them extremely informative and interesting. Thanks...........
    Certified gemstones in delhi & Certified gemstones online

  7. Thanks for sharing 7 tips for Buying Online Jewellery. These tips are very useful for me and i will defiantly share with my all friends. Everyone should shop from the sites that gives you security. Once again thank you.


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