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Monday, June 6, 2016

Unique Pirates Contemporary Pendant in Gemstone Symbolism Which Shaped Pendants for Water Luck Career Luck Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone Symbolism

Pirates Contemporary pendant in Gemstone has a lot of Symbolism attached with the shapes. From flying pirate birds to pirate anchor shapes and even treasure chests, love the symbolism as it all comes down to bring in wealth. Lets not dwell upon any fantasy characters of Pirates leaving the fear and negative aspects!
Finally wealth is wealth! and we all love it!
Symbols of pirates eye and anchor are taking interesting attention from those who love creative contemporary modern jewelry. Anchor rings , pendants are great symbols of wealth stability. Pirates eye not only symbolizes victory but also fore sight and success along with power. For those who love to flaunt their jewelry this is a good way to attract Feng Shui wealth and career luck.
Since all these symbols are attached with water and wealth coming form water they can be worn with positive intentions to attract wealth and opportunities.
Just keep in mind some points while selecting Pirates Jewelry-
1) Avoid red colored stones
2) Avoid violent bloody colored stones.
3) Avoid sharp edged jewelelry
4) Avoid incomplete images in shapes like broken wing of birds, half anchor.
5) Avoid wearing these shapes in ring finger.
6) Black stones are allowed but avoid red black stone which indicates boold shed.
7) Avoid irregular shapes, Feng Shui is all about smoothness and going with the flow.
8) Choose colored stones carefully to avoid elements clash. Like red of fire clashes with dark blue of water. Earthy coloured stones and fire stones again do not go to well together. Diamonds are good as they indicate strength and confidence.
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Pirates Contemporary Anchor Shaped Pendant

Pirates Eye Contemporary Gemstone Jewelery
All the Best from Rizwana!
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