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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Side Effects of Horse Shoe Shaped Diamond Ring Symbolism and How to Choose and wear Horse Shoe Shaped Diamond Ring Correctly

Horse Shoe Shaped diamond Finger Ring
Horse shoe, has a lot of symbolic value since olden times. We do still see a lot of Horse shoes nailed over main doors for protection and goodluck. Horse shoe is a symbol for strength and galloping luck from horses. Horses being domesticated animals , sincere, hard working and great strength are believed to be strong symbols for attracting Feng Shui Yang energy,  wealth and prosperity, if placed correctly.
While it was advisable to get a genuine horse shoe from a healthy old horse that has galloped a lot happily, as this has serious effects or side effects on the users luck,  in the shape for jewelry utmost care is required. Yes horse shoe shape is auspicious and a symbol of goodluck, but only if chosen correctly and worn in right direction.
Finger rings are a great way to attract goodluck and just like the Tortoise finger rings attract loads of luck so also the horse shoe shaped finger rings are quite gaining popularity among gemstone lovers.
How to Choose Horse Shoe Shaped Finger Ring-
1) Choose a smooth shape and clear horse shoe shaped finger ring. Broken irregular shapes bring confusion.
2) Diamonds are great , avoid red colored stones in your horse shoe finger ring.
3) Choose clear colored stones and avoid muddy and irregular cut stone in horse shoe shaped rings.
4) While choosing antique old horse shoe shaped finger rings,  if possible buy from reputed antique dealers who know the history of the ring.
5) Avoid exchanging and wearing other peoples horse shoe shaped finger rings. This confuses the Universe and unknowingly you may carry the ill luck accumulated by others.
Symbolic Value of the shape of Horse Shoe-
1) symbol of Goodluck
2) symbol of sincerity and hard work
3) symbol of strength
4) Symbol of focus
5) Symbol of attracting, accumulating, saving,  wealth.
6) Birth stones also bring multiples of luck, if chosen and worn correctly.
7) Symbol of Long life.
Serious Side Effects of horse shoe shaped finger rings-
1) If you don't love the shape it will produce Shar energy.
2) If the ring is not comfortable it will attract negative energy.
3) Irregularity in shape and colour of stones in the horse shoe shaped finger ring will attract confusing energy.
4) If worn facing body will point towards body and begin accumulating negative energy, ill health, low interest in work, less productive energy.
5) If worn incorrectly this will attract losses in opportunities and  loss of wealth.
6) If worn incorrectly in ring finger will affect relationship adversely.
7) usually married people buy a pair for the couple, so it is better to wear it keeping in mind harmony and balance of Yin and Yang , as one person with more Yang, horse shoe luck energy,  will not be able to be compatible with the other creating conflicts and misunderstanding in family marital life.
In case you are already wearing the horse shoe shaped finger ring and find confusing energy, or losses in wealth,  better to remove the ring, wash it with mild soapy water and clean water. dry well, give some fresh morning sunlight, burn incense and purify the ring. Wear it with positive intentions.
Horse shoe shape is a beautiful and very powerful symbolic shape and can eb sued to attract Feng Shui chi, and goodluck energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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