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Monday, July 25, 2016

Important Tips while choosing Feet Jewellery Latest Trends in Feet Ornaments Modern Feet Gemstone Jewellery

Swarovski Bare foot Sandals Etsy
Swarovski Bare foot Sandals, modern, trendy, contemporary gemstone jewelry from many different creative ways to dress up with gemstones
Hand made creative gemstone jewelry is ruling this year 2016, and trending most is feet jewelry. Thigh chains are perfect to flaunt that beautiful tall legs with mini jeans shorts. Bare foot sandals as the term goes, is an extension of pour traditional payal, anklet, with connecting jewelry the toes. Gone are the traditional toe rings for the younger lot, Bichaus, and Joduas, and come in trendy bare foot sandblast! while they add up a lot of beauty to your feet, also bring a graceful walk, they sure make heads turn!
 1) While considering gemstones for foot jeweler do avoid precious stones. 2) Semi precious stones add up to some glam quotient with colors in your foot jewelery but avoid wearing your Birth stones in feet jewelry as this may attract disrespect to the birth stone energy. 3) Not all Birthstones love the walking energy and may adversely affect your life energy. 4) It is also advisable to avoid wearing gold jewelry in your feet, as Gold is the ultimate metal luck symbol, after platinum, I love Platinum for its sheer beauty and strength! 5) Check your lifestyle and wardrobe if you really love to flaunt your feet jewelry, and also go in for this trendy arty jewelry only when your legs are in shape!as they sure will draw a lot of attention!
Thigh Chain Google
 Toe rings worn by married women as a symbol of marriage have gone trendy and ladies are flaunting rings in every finger of the feet!
Toe Rings Bichau  Traditional Jodua
Enjoy! Go Ahead, dress up your feet! Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing an Awesum Day!
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