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Monday, October 3, 2016

Effects of Wearing or Keeping Dragon and Tortoise Jewelry Totems Together Placing Two Gemstone Sculptures Together Symbolism

Tortoise Sculpture 
 Wearing Jewellery of Two different animal shapes together, tortoise finger rings and dragon finger rings together may have strong symbolic meanings and energy consequences to the wearer.
Turtle of Wealth
Dragon Sculpture 
Today we see lots of modern and contemporary jewelry designs and unique shapes in jewelry. The Tortoise finger rings are a favorite among many and not only single but spouses and families together make silver tortoise shaped finger rings and wear these for attracting good luck and wealth.
Feng Shui lays a lot of importance on dragons, since these bring awesum luck for fame and recognition and also wealth.
Dragons of Fame
Dragons since old times are considered auspicious symbols for energy, motivation and bringing about progressive changes in life. The Masters recommend that if Dragon luck favors, that is if Dragons are happy they bring about happy healthy relationships, respect, health, fame, career opportunities and complete goodluck.
Many people wear different shaped jewelery together and it is just selected by shapes, as in finger rings, neck laces, ear rings, chokers, wrist bands, bracelets, nose pins, anklets etc. Mostly young people love to flaunt modern funky jewelry shaped in different unique shapes. And also people struggling with finances , work related issues and unable to hold on to jobs do impassively buy Tortoise and dragon shaped rings to break the spell of evil luck. If worn correctly with positive intentions  these shapes can bring awesum luck.  
Some important precautionary tips while wearing Dragons and tortoise shaped jewelry together-
1) Choose complete figurines and go with natural colors as much as possible in your jewelry.
2) Avoid wearing these two shapes in one finger as they have opposite qualities and energies.
3) Avoid wearing two shapes in one hand. again this may bring hyper energy or confusing energy to the wearer.
4) For chronic patients and heart patients avoid wearing dragon shaped jewelry.
5) For depression and chronic anxiety patients , emotional psychological issues,  avoid dragon shapes and also wear Tortoise shaped jewelry with care.
6) If you feel their are blocks in work and wealth, karmic blocks or issues with holding and keeping job, you can choose a Tortoise that is side ways. It will bring stability.
7) never wear dragon shaped jewelry very close to heart or kidneys and stomach.
8) Never wear Tortoise shaped jewelry near heart or on wrist that is near pulse.
9) Avoid wearing these two together, Dragons and tortoise shapes in jewellery,
10) Also Avoid wearing these two in opposite directions on the same finger, they create a very imbalanced restless energy.
11) For best results choose Tortoise shaped and dragon shaped  jewelry carefully and then take care to wear it in correct fingers with positive intentions.
12) Gifted jewelry needs to be purified before wearing otherwise it carries the past energy of the wearer.
Small Paintings

Happy Galloping Horses

All the Best from Rizwana!
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