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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Types of Greenery Gemstones for Pantone Colour 2017 Choosing Care with Green gemstones in Turtle Tortoise shaped jewellery

Greenery! A Very Happy New Year 2017, to each one of you and your family!  Trendy and latest fashion statement, with Pantone coming up with an Awesum colour trends for year 2017, Greenery, Feng Shui and turtles Rock! The Green Tortoise finger ring!
Green Stone Finger Ring

Green Emerald Precious Gemstone
Green coloured gemstones will, definitely make a statement space in gemstone jewelry going along with apparels and focal points with green. Top designers and interior decorators do follow the trends and spring summer collections 2017 will come up with greenery as the main focus . Gemstones in green are great feng shui and have a beautiful healing energy . They represent healing the heart chakra and as per feng shui , green colour symbolizes growth, progress, wealth, money and  abundance.
Tortoises and turtles are naturally found in Kale, a grayish green, , sap green , darker, colours and using these green coloured gemstones in jewelry will bring loads of goodluck and healing energy in your lives. Turtles and tortoises are great feng shui symbols to attract wealth, prosperity and long life.  Wearing these symbolic shapes in green coloured gemstone jewelry will not only act as feng shui cures but are also trendy and going with latest jewelry fashion and style.
Green gemstones are so beautiful and they are available in many shapes and can be added to any piece of jewelry, finger rings,ear rings, necklace, pendants, ear cuffs, bracelets and even nose pins!
Emeralds are the most beautiful energy stones I love! Jade comes next in my list!Awesum Feng Shui! Green Jadeite, Green Emerald, Aventurine, Alexandrite, Green Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Green Opal, Green Sapphire,  Green Spinel, Green Zircon, Green Peridot, Green Topaz, Green Pearl,Green Apatite, Green Sunstone, Green Amber and many more!  (types of green stones info credit Google)
Choosing Green Coloured gemstones Turtles and Tortoise Finger Rings and Jewellery-
1) Chose a green coloured gemstone  that is not too dull green as this will affect your body energy and view points, thoughts.
2) Avoid  serrations and cracks in the green gemstone. If they are natural inbulit in raw stone , keep the lines to minimum.
3) Wearing a pendant in green gemstone is very auspicious , see that you choose a brighter green stone and not a dark blacker green, as this will affect blood flow to heart and may also attract depression.
4) Wearing a tortoise finger ring with emerald or jade, green gemstone, choose the finger correctly and the right best direction of the tortoise shape  to bring in wealth luck.
5) Green gemstones can also be displayed raw for a more urbane decor look. Choose the Feng Shui prosperity corner or the east sector.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Green Turtle of GoodLuck
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