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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9 Tips for Buying Two Hearts Shaped Pendants Gemstone Jewellery

In case of buying two hearts shaped pendants gemstone jewellery. 
1 ) see that heart shapes entwine, inter link with each  other and are not separated with wires or metal lines. 2) See that there are only two gemstones, three, indicates third person entry in relationships. 3) See that the gemstone used in heart shaped pendants are clear and not cracked or with too many internal formations. This affects your health and heart working of the wearer. 4) Never choose completely bloody red and muddy red heart gemstones for heart shaped pendants. 5) if buying heart shaped finger rings buy in pairs or when gifting gift two hearts shaped rings.  6) many creative jewellery designers make abnormal and irregular shapes as contemporary heart shaped gemstone jewellery. Choose this carefully as from Feng Shui symbolism  it symbolizes irregular hearts and disturbed relationships. 7) People also buy pendants with half hearts and the other half is gifted to the other partner. A tricky choice since it always brings the wearer half heart energy. Half heart shaped jewellery may make the relationships weak and incomplete always. 8) If the heart shaped pendants crack or chip off do not continue wearing it ,a s it will affect your heart health adversely and also your relationship with your loved one.9) Choose the gemstone very carefully for heart shaped pendants. Avoid black and dark coloured gemstones for heart shaped pendants.  Choose light pinks, greens and soft pastel shapes you love for buying heart shaped pendants for wearing or gifting.
Happy Valentine's Season of Love to You and yours!
Beautiful Love
All the Best from Rizwana!
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