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Be careful while buying Jewelry at Tourist Spots 3 lessons My Missing Earring from Jaipur Haat Amer Palace Road

The single earring purchased from Jaipur Haat shop Amer Palace
 Be careful while buying costly gemstones and jewelry at tourist destinations. 1) Lesson well learnt in this Jaipur trip, is that what ever the shop you buy always check for the goods you have purchased. It sounds silly to open the packing to check but it is well worth in case anything is missing. I know mistakes happen, we do have to keep human error at hand , but the incomplete set speaks to me as if longing for their family!
The bill at purchase from Jaipur Haat Amer Palace road shop.
2) Reputed stores and reputed shops too may not answer your queries! so when you buy it is all upto you!better take opinions of someone or go along in a group for suggestions to avoid any losses and it is better to be selective in purchasing from such tourist destinations.
chunky stone bracelet from Jaipur
3) If you can , avoid purchasing costly gemstones and jewellery from unknown places Tourist spots! this is one lesson that will be well remembered! go in for cheaper items as souvenirs. If you end up with  a missing ear ring or a broken piece you will not feel much!
With loads of happy experiences from all the beautiful spots, palaces, jewelry, clothes, ethnic traditional folk music and enjoying the traditional food cuisine of Rajasthan, dal bati churma,   except for a bitter part at Amer Palace Jaipur Haat shop, due to the negligence of the packaging person the necklace set that I purchased for 1050, was packed with a single earring! I know mistakes happen, we do have to keep human error at hand , but the incomplete set speaks to me as if longing for their family! and did not even notice as it was packed and taped in a news paper so while our trip from Jaipur to Ajmer, noticed the missing earring and inspite of my many emails and talking to them over phone and sending the images of set and bill over whatsapp, finally some one responded after posting on social media, keeping fingers crossed, lets see , hope I get the earring, I feel sad to break the set...for me it is like a family...and separating the set of jewelry is like breaking the family... I did some purchasing which I would normally never do but for the support of the traditional folk people who make these , but sad part is everything today has become for commercial interests. you will find it difficult to enjoy the beauty with so many beggars, and you oblige but then in some time you realize the more you give it goes you stop.
Don't forget to hire a guide, without them the history goes unnoticed! Take that camel ride (took the camel buggy ride , as for my back problem) , Wow I loved the camel, so loving and was so sweet, he never did take a fast pace and was slow for the dessert trip.
Meanwhile with so many happinesses the slight pain of the missing ear ring ...the mention of Amer Place and Jaipur Haat comes! I hope they send me my missing ear ring! sad part..inspite of contacting them so many times, they only give reassurance of sending , but no action. What a reputation! wouldn't recommend this !~

coloured stone long necklaces from jaipur

 soft pink coloured stone

Single earring with set purchased from Jaipur Haat Amer Palace shop

Up among the clouds plane photo

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