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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Coloured Stones Gemstones of Jaipur Udaipur Lots of New Additions Obsessed over Stones!

Stones of Healing Jaipur Udaipur
Jaipur Ajmer Udaipur a Exceptionally Awesum family trip, a much awaited family vacation after a long time,  was refreshing and a real treat to all garden and ethnic wear and gemstone lovers! 
Not only will you find amazingly beautiful garden designing but also exceptionally rare and scientifically cool or warm gardens. Sahelion Ki Baari, Sheesh Mahal , Palaces, Udaipur Palace, gardens, Jagdish temple, lake Fatehsagar Udaipur is Fantastically serene and vast. Palaces, bazaars, gardens and of course Pink everywhere, hence it is known as the pink city and the city of lakes! There is also a Vintage cars collection that is open for viewing for car lovers!
Must visit tourist spots, we selected a few that are really beautiful we were on a short trip. Full of folk and ethnic culture, thoroughly enjoyed the Puppet show and the traditional attire dressing up, clicked tons of photos and loved best was the Amber Palace, Amer Palace. Gardens, Flowers, and Art, culture, paintings, Artefacts, Jaipur Udaipur, Rajashthan is full of folk culture and we are back with loads of happy memories adding up to my gemstones collection, bandhini silk , and with a little sad memory of a missing earring purchased at Amer Road Jaipur Haat shop, have emailed at Jaipur Haat, as there was a simple negligence on the part of the packer who packed the necklace set with a single earring ...yes there are chances of human error, ..never ever happened to me in my purchases as far...and felt sad as the person on their side responded after so many social media comments, that I may have lost was a simple communication which they took as personal....I am too much of a Karma believer,...I just let things take its own course....and that was the most hurtful statement made about a healer..why would I lie!!!.I hope they send my missing earring by courier as a gesture of so many years of sharing traditional jewelry and art heritage. Feeling really sad as the incomplete set speaks to me as if..longing for its also the single earring in their shop might be crying for and wanting to be with its family.
Always be very careful with jewelry sets, never try to separate them, they are made together by the artisans and they are displayed together and they must be kept together. hence the missing earring is more of an emotional longing to unite the family!it is not about money is about symbolic value.

The Kings were just amazing and I am awestruck by the scientific processes involved in making these Amazingly beautiful gardens. Do take a guide at every place if you want to understand the history and real culture of Jaipur and Udaipur.
Obsessed over stones and even though I had not planned the purchases still added a few that connected to me. Most were from the Handicrafts Centers of traditional folk arts. Handcrafted by original folk artists and sold here.
At the Amer fort palace, the centre is a huge one and under the single roof you get to purcahse bedding, upholstery, bandani silk dresses and sarees in all price ranges.
The Gemstones are so beautiful and rings were Awesum! What a treat was there was an astrologer with free advice, No I did not visit, I am too much of a self healer! healing runs in my blood!
You can see ethnic necklaces, coloured stone earrings, traditional pearl sets and kadas / bracelets that are most beautiful. The long necklaces were beautiful added a few, loved the Amethysts and Pink stone rose quartz, so also the deep red , coral, the green and the goldstone , in Persian known as sang e khorshid sang e sitarah Monks Gold,  I love its sparkling gold flecks with the brick red brown, of which I have a finger ring has now an accompaniment with a long necklace. Added a moonstone ring and a few sets , Hardly used to wear jewelry of gemstones except for finger rings , anything except for gold, and diamonds, but now lets see , will wear some of the stone pieces as they go well with ethnic wear !
Must visit place , Rajashthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, , for the loads of designs and folk ethnic jewelry!
Always hold the gemstone before finalizing the deal! I have not purchased one of the Moonstone finger ring even though I loved the design and was a perfect fit, as there was hardly any connection, They are stones that fall in love with you! trust me, if this is mutual love there are immense benefits. Hold them, turn your hand, see how it sparkles, ..some times people also mention that the stone moved, or somehow it communicates to you that it likes you , and once it likes you ,well it is for life!!!
Always on the hunt for attractive stones! I also buy from roadside faqeers, I loved their stones since childhood and I have some of my stones from childhood that were really so cheap then , they sometimes have quite rare stones! just don't pay a huge sum here)
Gemstones, each one is so beautiful, the glittering beauties have immense powers and they benefit in amazingly beautiful ways. Intentions are important and the more love you give them, the more, manifolds they will give you in return! 
with loads of happy experiences except for a bitter part at Amer Palace Jaipur Haat shop, due to the negligence of the packaging person the necklace set that I purchased for 1050, was packed with a single earring!and did not even notice as it was packed and taped in a news paper so while our trip from Jaipur to Ajmer, noticed the missing earring and inspite of my many emails and talking to them over phone and sending the images of set and bill over whatsapp,  they have not responded and I think for their negligence they could have had the decency to courier a small earring that would hardly have costed, as for the reputation of the shop Jaipur Haat Amer Palace ...really sad, wouldn't recommend this shop. only reassurances, no action, what a reputation of Jaipur Haat! be extra careful while you purchase form here!
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Obsessed Over Stones
All the Best from Rizwana!
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