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Most Unlucky Gemstones and How to Deflect Negative Bad Luck from Gemstones

Most Unlucky Gemstones , heard this as people impulsively purchase gemstones and wear them without proper guidance and knowledge. then also there is past history of gemstones, if not lucky for previous wearer,  that may get carried over to you if you do not purify the gemstone jewelry before wearing.
The most unlucky gemstones, as goes the legends form past that pearls and opal are considered the most unluckiest stones for many. Reason may be first, these may not be their birth stones. Another reason may be handed over from previous carers they may have accumulated negative energy. Then also this happens that the gemstones are gifted by some one with ill intentions.
Usually I don't know if this superstition or truth, I personally do not believe any gemstone may be bad, as I love every color and every piece of stone!but yes there is some times an imbalance in energy when we wear or place some gemstone near us, and this depends upon each individual and their own energy field.
But yes some stones when worn do bring about a different type of energy , feelings, maybe depression, sadness , weakness, disillusionment, blocked mind, dizziness, irritability, arguments, and you ask wearers, they come with thousands of different ill effects when wearing some type of stone and thus they stop wearing these.
Do not blame the stone. the energy of the past wearer may have been attached to the gemstone and stuck there. Purifying with salt water, use soft muslin cloth. Clean the gemstones gently thoroughly removing all traces of salt. For the sun loving gemstones give them some sunlight and for the moon loving ones let them soak for some time in full moonlit night. Then always put intention to your gemstone for whatever purpose you wish to wear this,  then find the auspicious day and begin wearing , as say gemologists and healers.
Pearls  never gifted to new married couples
Gifting opal and pearls ( they represent tear drops) is found to bring ill luck to many and especially avoided during engagements and weddings, many have bad experiences with this. Even if you are gifted it is advisable to hand over a small sum of money for this to counter and break the ill luck spell.
One important tip to counter most ill effects of gemstones  to add diamonds. clear diamonds sparkling bright are proved to protect wearer and also undo all ill effects from other gemstones.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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