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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tips for Matching Gemstone Jewellery With Outfits Fashion Designer Tips on How to Match Gemstones with Dresses

Tips for Matching Gemstone Jewellery with outfits is one thing which we all think and most times we also succeed but this has also happened that some one even after having the most costliest jewellery and attire looks out of place. This happens with mis match with dress and jewellery and the jarring difference is more than prominent and can spoil your whole look!
Whether the colors go wrong or the design this is one of the important aspects when dressing up for the success of your look and event.
Matching Gemstone ring with Cool Summer Dress
Fashion Designer Tips on How to Match Gemstones with Dresses-
1) Always select the combination before hand and if possible dress up and see how this works before an important occasion or event. The simple gesture of wearing the outfit with the gemstone jewellery will help you to get the first look of your fashion presence and whether to go with this combination of change either of one, the dress or the jewellery.
2) Matching gemstones jewellery with dress may not always work and many times contrasting colors work great for the final elite look.
3) Follow the principle of less is more when the dress you are wearing is formal and embroidered, heavy work of sequins or embroidery. Same works when the dress or saree is chiffon and silk , light weight can accommodate heavy jewellery chunky contemporary pieces of jewellery.
4) Gemstones used for healing purposes and worn along side other pieces of jewellery may not always look great for your fashion event and if it necessary that you wear your favorite ring or neck pendant then it is better to select the attire with a combination of the same color as your gemstone or contrasting one rather than a totally opposite mis match one. Like a large red stone neck piece may not go well with a heavy brocade work multi colored dress.Bright orange, purple blue combinations go well with simple jewellery designs.
5) The occasion does play an important role in selecting gemstone jewellery to match or contrast with your outfit. When on a fun trip you can carry off well with any colored gemstone finger ring or ear rings. Whereas while formal occasion, they need special preparation for selecting jewellery and gemstones types, as you know all eyes will be on you.
6) White and black are still ruling in fashion and these colored outfits never go wrong as white brings out the beauty of every colored gemstone.But the Indian traditional dresses often are more vibrant and colorful and preferably the golden metal still rules our hearts.
Personally I prefer Silver , sterling silver and platinum jewelery as it has lots energy of own, and goes off great with diamonds,  a soothing calmning one, like the full moon. But this is all a personal choice and what energy suits you best. For trying out different outfits with jewellery you can observe which combination makes you look and feel the best, go for it!
Dress up keeping in mind these simple tips for selection of jewelery and this will sure lead the way your day goes!
Thank you!


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  5. This is so beautifully written, no wonder diamonds are womans best friend, Thank you Kusum!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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    1. Thank you Harsh for the encouraging comment, Welcome to Obsessed Over Stones. Have a Great 2015, All the Best from Rizwana!

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    1. Welcome Rang Rasiya to Obsessed Over Stones! Thanks for the lovely comment. All the Best from Rizwana, have a Great 2015!

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    1. Yea its true, Vorra Fashions, Welcome to Obsessed Over Stones! Thank you for coming by my blog, Have a Great 2015! All the Best from Rizwana!

  9. Ryder these are so Awesum, Love your website, Fantastic! All the Best from Rizwana!

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