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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Choose Genuine Gemstones 5 Simple Tips for Identifying Genuine Gemstones

Gem Stones Rubies Emeralds Diamonds Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

How to find out whether the gemstone you are buying is genuine, no doubt they cost a fortune and  do not come cheap, genuine gemstones range from thousands of $ and one needs to have some knowledge before buying a  genuine gemstone  or any gemstone jewellery.
Untreated stone, natural stones are very hard to find nowadays. As I have seen many raw stones that look so beautiful and have an aura of strength of its own , though they do not shine as much as treated stones they have greater price and one wonders why? natural stones are hard to find and most of the gemstone jewellers treat the stones for beautifying it and producing a stone of sheer sparkle. We love the shine of any gemstone and buy the shiniest gemstone.
When you look out for a gemstone first feel the stone , what energy does it emit. Go with your first instinct. The stone will communicate to your energy and you may feel attracted to the gemstone. Hold the gem in your hand feelings of peace, happiness, special, or uneasiness and discomfort, be it visual or physical,  go with gut feelings.
Now for some serious tips for selecting genuine gemstones-
Before going out to buy any gemstone or jewellery do find out some information about the birthstone or any gemstone you like on the internet. You are going to pay a large sum of money so better get some information on stones as you do not wish to be duped with a imitation stone.
1) price of gemstones is on carats and not size of the stone.
2) Observe the stone physically and in light.
closely observe for flaws, you may even request to observe small diamond gemstone with magnifying glass, crack, minor flaw muddy.
Stones of same name may have different hues and shades. Dark and light colored stones and very dark stones may not show any color, so look out for the color that you like and not just for the name of the stone.
Designer Blue Gemstone Jewellery Arm Bracelet Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Another highlight while searching for gemstones is we see natural formations inside the stone, you are lucky if you see one, they  add a glint of excitement and royalty to gemstone.
 3) In the showroom , lots of heavy lights and any piece of glass may shine. Take a look at the gemstone in natural sunlight light to observe the right cut, it must  shine everywhere and not just in the strong halogen lights in the jewellery shop. Look at the points where it reflects sunlight and sparkles from every side.
4) "Meet points"  a term used in gemstones means that the points where the stone is cut and meets, intersects,  connects to the other side must be precise and neat, sharp cut. If the cut or edges are not sharp then the diamond stone or  emerald will not reflect light as desired and this shows flaws in the gemstone.
5) "Windows"  another term used along with gemstones, the gemstone is cut from sides in different angles for the light to reflect from every side, when the cut is not proper the stone become transparent. Windows means you can see through the stone , the other side, which is not a good quality considered for genuine gemstones.Simply put the stone on a newspaper and see whether you can see the words, you must not, if you can the cut in your stone is not of good quality.
 obsessed over stones many cannot ignore the sparkle in their life which gemstones brings, I am seeing so many stones worn by almost every single human now and they swear by the healing powers of birth stones from career luck to marriage luck to of course money and wealth luck business shining, worn in gold, silver or five metals stones are sure here to stay.

It is important that when you are going to pay so much $ for gemstones better to buy from reputed gemstone jewelers and do take the authenticity certified gems certificate from them. Branded gemstone jewellery is available with certificate of genuine stone , carat, and clarity and cut details. Even online shopping sites may have varied prices for stones so select a reputed online jewellery store for buying gemstone jewellery or raw stone which you can customize in your personal jewellery, be it finger ring, ear ring or bracelet.

Obsessed over stones, Love stones for their colors, sparkle and then the shine, even a colourful glass shining attracts me towards  it as  also a genuine stone that calls upon , and of course their rarity ...and rawness of stones is another focal point for my love of stones.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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