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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ametrine Gemstone Healing Properties in Customized Gemstone Jewellery

Ametrine gemstone is a  combination of amethysts and citrine, a rare stone which has immense healing properties. It has immense healing properties and used world  wide in healing stone.
A very good stone to attract spiritual growth and increase creativity.  Ametrine stone is also used in healing the sexual chakra and the solar plexus  as of the   colour yellow coming from citrine  in it. Blocks of energy in this chakra is seen in from of  insecurities, showing   distrust, fear and irrational fears phobias. Individual who clings to his belongings and is always insecure will benefit immensely from this yellow citrine stone. The purple color representing the crown chakra this stone also helps to improve focus and creativity. Purple a spiritual color this stone helps to improve concentration and focus on life  goals.
 A  very good stone for people in media, advertising and acting, artists, all creative fields benefit immensely from wearing ametrine stone jewellery. Ametrine stone is best worn in form of bracelets or pendants and also  finger  rings.
Color of the ametrine stone is a beautiful purple and yellow combination. Ametrine stone calms the mind and helps relieve stress and soothes the mind and soul. While if you struggle with taking control o your life this stone helps you to take charge of your life and give it the right direction. It also helps in problems related to the stomach and physical and mental issues.
The rare beautiful color of ametrine stone is used in customized jewellery for its beauty and also its healing properties. The birth stone of Zodiac sign Libra, those who have their birthdays in October would love this stone and it helps to be more balanced and well  organized.


  1. Dear sir my name is gaurav singh born on 28 oct 1987 ametrine suit for me on not

  2. Basically now i am buying amithyst only. Please give suggestion me

  3. Basically now i am buying amithyst only. Please give suggestion me


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