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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Choosing Original Emerald Gemstone Tip buy Larger Piece Emerald Healing Properties

Choosing Emerald gemstone, green colored sparkling stone,  the most loved right to the heart, a stone of  the heart from the heart, this beautiful green colored  gemstone emerald has been famous since ages and was considered a stone of royalty and kings.
The famous Green emerald stone that priced  among the most prized possessions of kings and queens still goes at a high price among precious gemstones  available. It is also said by gemologists that a large piece of original Emerald stone may price higher that the correspondent diamonds of the same size and is rare  and beautiful.
While selecting emerald stone for personalized jewellery one must select the green  emerald stone that connects with you. Every gemstone has natural forms and textures  seen within, the fine formations and natural lines or shapes seen inside are natural and do not undervalue the price of the emerald stone.
Green Gem Stone
Emerald is the birth stone of May born people and can also be worn by Geminis who are born in June month. The  birth stone of June born is Pearl but people born in this month also benefit by wearing emeralds. It is very important to select a slightly big piece if stone as very small pieces do not reflect the light properly and heals as it is required.
Emerald gemstones come in vibrant green color , a color which corresponds  to the heart chakra. The color of heart chakra is green and green also represents growth and progress wealth in feng shui. As green color is seen in nature this stone is the best for all heart issues and heart related health problems, it aids in healing faster along with other therapies of healing and medicine.
Green Colors in Nature
The emerald gemstone is best in emerald cut shape, that is rectangular with sides neat and sealed. With this cut the stone reflects the most light and shines bright.
If you are gifting emerald gemstone all depends upon your budget as the larger the stone and the type of cut all influence the price of the stone. Even bracelets, finger rings, neck pieces, and beads all can be purchased in emerald stones.

Emerald Gem Stone original photo by Mrrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Love Bird Budgie Green Colored
Meanwhile as  in our   pet budgies among all of them, the most talkative and energetic, (Touchwood) is the green colored one! who loves to take a   trip around our home, in the most comfortable place,  on my son's finger. Fitted in gold this stone looks best as also in platinum base. While buying emeralds it is best to buy gemstones from a  certified gemologist who gives the authenticity and clarity certificate  for your loved stone. It is better to find the loved color of the person you are gifting emeralds stone jewellery as  each individual has personal tastes in stones and likes in colored stones.I have seen people  keep away their gemstones jewellery after making them on advice of astrologers and not  wearing them as they are not comfortable with the color and feel, aura, of the gem stone.
A stone of love and heart the emerald is one stone which every woman loves and even men are seen wearing finger rings studded with green emerald stone as this stone is believed to help to attract wealth, fame and recognition and support and heal heart issues and promote good health to the wearer.
Green colored   feng shui and healing paintings are used to attract goodluck, growth , prosperity and wealth. the color of the heart chakra and nature this green color symbolizes upward growth and in feng shui this color green is used to attract wealth and money.
Growth a healing feng Shui Painting done on oil sketch paper
I love this stone for the sheer reason of the sparkling green color that shines bright with sun rays falling over it, reflecting the green over to my eyes and body, love to shine the stone in sun, and watch the sparkle!  but still of all the other colored gemstones , pink rules my heart.


  1. Have seen lately many film and TV stars wearing emerald rings in the little finger, a stone for recognition, good luck and success, green emeralds!


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