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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Care While Layering Different Gemstone Jewellery Meaning of Layering and Gemstone Necklace Care Tips

Care while layering different Gemstone Jewellery as the trend today is wearing a set of many neck pieces to give a fuller more attractive jewellery look. 
Meaning of Layering : The latest trend today event he contemporary designer approve of wearing a number of neck pieces along with other pieces of jewellery.  While the choker touches the neckline firmly the next layer of jewellery can be a small necklace with diamond studded or gemstone studded piece.
Following this can be a long chain of gold or necklace with a longer design and may also have a large pendant attached to fall over the breasts area. Some women do go over board and also wear another larger one falling over the naval area that may sometimes give a too much look.
While wearing gemstone jewellery layering can sometimes be a tricky issue. Solid jewellery pieces of silver and gold can be worn with less discomfort and worry about harmony and getting along fashion look. Gemstones on other hand need to be worn with some care and thought before hand to avoid clutter and messy look.
Layering Gemstone Jewellery
You will have to select the piece of neck laces or chains you wish to wear with your traditional or ethnic outfit. Select one piece close to your neck with gemstones or diamonds as this is the one that will lie close to your neck and will not get disturbed here. The inbetween layers can be of any metal that goes off well with the occasion or our outfit. Usually gold chains and designer pendants rule the next layer as they are light weight and also form a fashion statement . You may go in for a designer large stone studded pendant to attract limelight and attention.
Necklaces made of gemstones must be worn with care while layering as there are chances of jewellery pieces getting stuck up or mingled with one another.
Traditional Pendant  Choker
Gemstone Care Tips while layering jewellery:
1) Wear gemstone jewellery in few color stones. A multi colored gemstone neck piece can go off individually well and not alognw ith other pieces of necklaces.
2) Try to choose specific sizes in layering of neck pieces.  The ones that do not over lap and also display to their maximum beauty. Over lapping neck pieces and getting tangled may damage your gemstone jewellery.
3) Avoid textured neck pieces while wearing gemstone jewellery as this may rub off against the smooth gemstone finishes and they may get abraised.
4) While using perfumes avoid spraying on gemstone jewelery, get dressed up before wearing the gemstones jewellery on.  
5) Choose gemstone neck pieces with care as to the color, size, texture of the stones and the outfit you desire to wear. This will help to present your self gracefully with layered jewellery and not look over loaded with jewellery!
Gemstone Emerald in Neck Piece
View a gemstones painting here.
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