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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Antique Old Diamond Jewelry Traditional Antique Gemstone Jewelry for Good Luck Buying Tips for Antique Jewellery

Antique diamonds, antique gemstones and old jewelry are some of the favorites among many women as they love the energy handed over from generations. Some gemstone shave been cared for from generations and handed over as symbols of good luck bring in loads of wealth and happiness to the family.
Antique means the jewellery that has very old gemstones and are made into metal jewelry and usually handed over through years. Today we have many mechanized processes that are able to make jewelry look antique and with such polishes and coatings you will get a glazed effect on your gemstone jewelry making it look like old and antique piece.

I do love to check out on antique pieces of gemstones as they are lovely and have their own natural raw beauty. The old silver antique finger rings are charming and the gemstone pendants still give a refreshing energy when worn.
But not all antique gemstones may be lucky and also the energy or past carer's energy will still linger along with the antique stones and antique jewelry. Not that all antique old jewellery pieces may have bad energy but there are some proved in history, alike the bloody diamonds and the blue stone that is believed to attract death of the wearer or close to them.
The traditional motifs,designs and elegance with which antique jewelry is made has universal appeal and go very well with many types of outfits.
Also modern antique jewelry has brought designers to make a blend of traditional and contemporary designs using gemstones on base of silver, gold or platinum.'
Jadau jewelry and minakri are very famous as in antique jewelry and women are going for these as they go very well with Indian traditional dresses and Sarees.
Hollywood stars too are bitten since ages by the gemstone bug and flaunt large sized gemstone finger rings, ankle cuffs and ear rings which go back to antiquity and have a rare appeal and also a rare price!

Very Old Traditional gemstone Antique Maang Tika

Antique Silver Key Chain 
 Unique Tortoise Shaped Ring Symbolism

Antique Gemstone Finger Ring
for Maang Tika Information
While buying antique jewellery always buy from reputed jewelers as you never know if the piece is genuine , for which you are going to pay a fortune.
Also with reputed jewellers you get a certificate of authenticity that is the gemstone is of what weight  carat, clarity, color. I also search out for old gemstone dealers who sell loose gemstones as you can buy these and get a customized piece of jewelery and according to your preferences. This many times falls cheaper ( also check out road side gemstones sellers who have been since many years, sometimes you get a very very good deal! and very rare beautiful gemstone , raw stones that are never seen!) as then you can get it made as finger rings, ear rings, pendants or elaborate necklaces. And this can be done in whatever metal you choose, as I love many gemstones , and they usually go very well with silver and platinum rather that the favourite yellow metal!
All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. In your second paragraph you mentioned a certain energy that comes with your gemstone. I'm looking for some antique jewelry that has an uplifting energy that I can wear at all times. Plus, antique jewelry is so much more unique than anything you can find in a modern jewelry store these days.!about/aboutPage

  2. Obsessed Over Stones Welcomes you Felicity Sanderson! There are many energy stones, you will have to wear and see which one connects with your energy and uplifts you. For confidence and energy specially red, oranges and yellows are great and antique jewelry has great combinations of these!
    Hope this helps!
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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