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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Modern Contemporary Trends 2014 Diamond with Precious Semi Precious Unique Design Gemstone Finger Rings

Modern Contemporary diamond and Yellow sapphire Finger Unique Design Ring
Latest 2014 Jewellery Trends in finger rings, unique designs, shapes and gemstones.
Trendy 2014 Unique Finger Ring Emerald Diamond Gemstones
Yellow Sapphire and Emeralds, two beautiful colored gemstones, are selling like hot cakes due to their immense healing benefits for attracting success in business and attraction wealth and prosperity. 
Square shaped, cushion shaped help to attract stability in life and round shaped stones represent unity and completeness. Multi layer designs and patterns moving from traditional to contemporary, jewellery designers are always with some fresh new jewellery designs and the latest trends in 2014 are diamonds with colored gemstones.
Unique designs and modern contemporary patterns with these gemstone studded finger rings give your hands and fingers a beautiful grace and also add up to your style quotient in any gathering. 
What more they are the most trendy in 2014 among colored gemstones and go very well with diamonds.
With the festival of lights going on these gemstone studded rings go well with traditional attires and also formal festive wear. 
Wishing all my blog lovers and blog readers and blog followers a Very Happy Deepavali, God Bless and Have a Great New Year Ahead .
All the Best from Rizwana!

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