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Men Customized Gemstone Earrings and Studs Latest Trends in men's Jewellery

Men wearing gemstone earrings and studs , a symbol of freedom of expression and confidence today we are seeing a lot of young and old men wearing ear jewelry that is made customize according to their  specific tastes. Ear jewelry in men has become a symbol of identity and soul realization and also has an important role in healing.
From ancient ages men have flaunted their jewellery right from higher authority kings and royalties. Spiritual people wore beads of different types of gemstones and still do. Then we had the traditional Muslim Fakirs, or God lovers, Sufis, who would wear stone malas and had a wonderful combination of large oval finger rings of colored gemstones.
Black Gemstone Studs for Men
As men also wore  heavy jewellery ear rings as also queens and kings these piece of jewellery was universally accepted as piece of ornament worn by both sexes. Even present we see many movie stars wearing this ornament representing traditional culture,  we saw Salman Khan flaunting a single bali or a pair in Surily Ankhiyon Wale song of Hindi movie Veer, and men wearing single gold ear rings in one ear or both. And still he is famous for showing off his large Turquoise stone bracelet in hand as well as the traditional small gold bali in ear. Traditional families still carry along the tradition of men wearing ear rings. And we see many Jain and Gujrathi men wearing traditional balis which is now not restricted to any community or religion and has come to be known as elite and confident men symbol.  Then there are many who wear earring studs in both ears and some prefer to wear a single one.
Red Ruby Ear Studs in Gold Flower shaped

Ear rings and Balis worn symbolized religious sanctity and religious rituals and those men wearing these piece of ornaments were higher level and got respect, as  being royal or religious heads.  Pandits wore balis and still men from these families continue to wear ear rings even after changing their profession today. The trend today is more on colored gemstone studs that highlight the ear.
As ear is symbolic of body in healing term and acupuncture and Chinese therapies lay a lot of importance on ear describing it as correspondent to body part, ear studs have become a part of healing the body.
Gemstones of symbolic value and energies and their corresponding color to the color of the chakra can be effectively used to heal body and physical ailments and diseases. The commonest seen is the balck tourmaline stone ear studs worn by men as they are a strong symbol of power, authority and protection form evil eye and negative energies.
We see so many gemstone jewelry websites online selling with loads of fancy studs for men. right from colored stones of black, red, blue, orange to silver and gold as well as unique and bizzare shapes in mens ear jewelry.
All men out there, enjoy the beautiful gemstone studs, and make a style statement, why should girls have all the fun!
God Bless from Rizwana!


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