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Friday, November 7, 2014

Unique Modern Anklets and Elegant Gemstones Anklet in Silver 7 Buying Gemstone Studded Anklets Tips and Care

 Unique  Modern Anklets and Elegant Gemstones Anklet in Silver Buying Tips and Care of Anklets.
Anklets, the beautiful payal worn on ankles, elegantly styling our feet with jewelry, usually since ages we have the silver payal that every woman wears especially married women are supposed to wear, hence always gifted during marriage.
Little girls love the sound of tinkering beads on anklets and anklets are the first most often gifted jewellery when a baby girl is born.
Anklets have gone a tremendous change since the only silver metal payal with modern contemporary designs and motifs and coated with minakri and colors.
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Today young girls are preferring the traditional anklet in form of modern elegant sleek designer payals. The jewellery has taken a modern form with original gemstone studded in anklet designs.
From turquoise to sapphire to pearls and pink, purple to green stones , we see a lot of modern anklet designs while surfing the web on online jewellery sites that are so trendy and elegant.
From horse shapes, heart shapes, tortoise shapes to butterflies and diamond shapes thee are motifs made from gemstones on the modern anklets.
The metals used in anklets also have gone from the traditional silver to a much beautifully gold plated, and even colored silver.
While we all love anklets it is better to buy anklets with some care-
1) Buy from reputed gemstone jewellery site if you wish to buy original gemstones anklets. We have a lot of anklets and gemstone jewellery available online jewellery stores. They come with a guarantee and authenticity.
2) Choose gemstone anklets according to your life style. If you are a more outdoor person and love to wear shoes often anklets will get covered with socks and hence the beauty will be hidden as well as there will increase the risk of breaking of gemstones from your anklets. And if you wear long dresses they will almost be hidden always.
3) If you love unique colored gemstone anklets then you will have to go along in minimizing colors selection of your outfit. A very colorful outfit will mar the effects and beauty of your elegant anklet design.
4) Too many hanging shapes and gemstones may come in between walking style , so consider one that fits well over your anklet and is of correct size. Neither too large nor too small, just falling gracefully over your anklet. Personally I prefer wearing my original gemstones studded  anklet and then buying them.
5) Preferably when you choose a modern gemstone anklet go in for short, knee length dresses so that your feet are visible, that's what you want.
6) Gemstones in anklets will require the same care as any other gemstone jewelry. Do find out and read properly the instructions and care for your jewelry.
 7) Avoid wearing gemstone anklets in rain and muddy water or clogged roads as the stones may get affected and change color. There is also rick of chipping or breaking of gemstones from your anklets.
8) Footwear selection is of utmost importance when wearing gemstone anklets. Ankle strap shoes or sandals must be avoided as they will clash with the design and colors of modern gemstone anklets. Usually women prefer chappals and slippers to show off their beautiful designer anklets.
When choosing to wear gemstone anklets always keep in mind, your feet will get a lot of attention, just about everyone will want to have a glimpse at the contemporary design gemstone anklets, make sure they are well pedicured, clean and fresh !
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. I love all the anklets designs that I see nowadays. Even if the silver anklets traditionally worn by Indian women are seen as the only thing to wear at family events, I love the other types of silver anklets online that can be worn with Western wear.

  2. Thanks a lot John Dav for coming by Obssesed Over Stones! Yes modern funky anklets are so awesum!

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