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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Elephant Jewelry box in Wood Best Box to Store Gemstone jewelry Elephant Box

Elephant Jewelry box in Wood Best Box to Store Gemstone jewelry Elephant Box, the Elephant shape has an emotional as well as spiritual energy symbolism. Right from the elephant headed God Ganesha to the Airavata, my Friend, Elephants have a special connection with their humble nature, family loving energy and stability and strength.
Elephant Box made in wood has great feng shui energy as it has thee best energy of wood. Wood and earth are the basic feng shui energy that helps to attract stability and growth.
Elephant Wooden Jewelry Box
Wood is an element that goes well for all energies and birth months and brings a secure feeling. Wooden boxes for storing jewelry carved, painted and of course the many designs in contemporary jewelry boxes are really attractive , just like the jewelry today.
While metal and other materials used to make jewelry boxes can react with the energy of gemstones wood is always the best for all types of jewelry. I love the wooden carved jewelry boxes that have been handed over , they are antiques, and still strong enough as compared to the new ones. and the Elephant shape embedded on this brings added luck.
Usually the antique hand carved wooden jewelry boxes have elephant tusk  ivory, images embedded.The designs range from floral to geometric to the animal symbols, in that the Elephant being the most popular today after the peacock designs.
Wooden boxes have a special  feeling and are the best way to store  all jewelry.
While buying wooden jewellery boxes check that the wood is good quality and that the  varnish, surface, has dried well and the exposed surfaces are smooth and not sticky or rough.  Do check the inside , as it   has to be coated /covered with fine silk or velvet material to keep your jewelry protected from getting ab raised.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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