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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Golden Topaz Gemstone Manifestor of Dreams and Wishes Money Attractor November Birth Stone Topaz

Golden Topaz Gemstone Yellow Imperial Topaz
Yellow Topaz, Imperial Topaz promotes good health, wealth and protection.
Silver White Topaz pale white promotes peace, and helps in finding the right path. Topaz stone for the Zodiac sign Sagitarius, Birthstone for November.
Imperial topaz , Faceted Topaz and this stone is found in blue, yellow, light brown, pink, white and even clear Topaz.
The color of the solar plexus, it is a vibrant yellowish orangy colored gemstone. The Topaz stone is believed to attract immense luck and helps balance the solar plexus which is the main chakra for desires and growth.
Love and acceptance, strength and will to work power, protection, and wealth.
The Topaz stone is a connector with the divine will and it helps to find the best path for you. It attracts wealth and good luck for the wearer.
Yellow Topaz and blue are loved by many so also the silver white or clear Topaz and is made in many modern gemstone jewellery.
Your dreams, desires and wishes manifested , the stone gives that extra energy and even attracts mentors and helpful friends in your lives.
The Golden Topaz as with its name attracts money and wealth. A goal manifestor the Golden Topaz stone is great to be worn near the body in any form of jewellery.
Mostly people choose to wear Topaz stone in finger rings but the best place for this would be near the naval and this is the chakra corresponding to the color and its vibrations and power are best felt when it connects here.
A good way to bring this Topaz stone in you life would be a long necklace or a pendant with long chain, it would be great!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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