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Friday, December 11, 2015

Unique Horse Shoe Diamond Finger Ring Symbolism and How To Wear Horse Shoe Finger Ring

Unique Horse Shoe Diamond Finger Ring symbolizes good luck and great abundance if used and worn correctly. Hoses symbolize strong energy and horses by kings used to come loaded with treasures. Hence the symbol of good luck and  prosperity. A well run horse who has galloped many years, seen longer life, is best energy horse shoe.
Unique Horse Shoe Shaped Finger ring
Horse shoe, the symbol of good luck and protection used since ages , hung over main entrance doors is now available in unique gemstone jewelry. So if it is not possible to hang horse shoe on door, this is one creative way to invite good luck and protection luck.
Many individuals facing crises and negative energy issues as well as wealth issues choose unique horse shoe shaped finger ring to null the negative effects of their stars.
Choosing a horse shoe shaped finger ring-
1) be very careful of choosing a neat and smooth edges horse shoe ring. sharp edges will affect your luck.
2) Try not to combine other images with this shape in ring as this is for protective energy and the new design with a bird or a flower  with horse  shoe design will   be confusing.
3) Gifting a horse shoe finger ring do take care that the finger it is worn best is middle finger representing self growth.
4) Try avoiding this shape for wedding rings but if you do then choose in pairs same / similar design type.
5) Try to avoid birth stones in horse shoe rings. Metal is best material. Do not wear artificial materials horse shoe shaped finger ring  as this will drive away  your luck.
How To Wear Horse Shoe Finger Ring
The shape itself is symbolic of storing good luck. Wear it to collect good luck! The middle finger of right hand is best for horse shoe shaped finger ring. Do not wear some one else's  horse shoe shaped finger ring as it will carry the energy of that person. Do not share your finger rings. Always wear the rings with good intentions and hope to see changes soon.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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