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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hearts Love and Happiness Gemstone jewellery While gifting or buying heart shaped jewelry do keep in mind these points

 Valentines day is just an opportunity to express and share love.
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This may not be just romantic love  but it definitely has come up as an opportunity to gift and receive, share your feelings. Love words, images and hearts are a commonest ones that are seen rocking this year's season as an expression of true love and bonding.
From the healing point of view such jewelry brings about a feeling of connection, a healing bonding and helps rejuvenate relationship with new energy.
While gifting or buying heart shaped jewelry do keep in mind-
1) Buy complete heart shaped jewelry. Incomplete images send wrong message to the universe.
2) Avoid black colored stones in heart shaped jewelry. Black hearts do not indicate true love.
3) Inter locking hearts and infinity symbols are also a good way to attract love. They symbolize infinite love and bonding.
4) Buy from reputed stores so that the product you get is of good quality and does not break fast by the seasons end!
5) Heart shaped jewelry can be gifted any time of the year for expressing your feelings and not just for the festive times. Two hearts do not need any explanation to understand the symbolism.
Do Check out the local brands and online gemstone jewelry stores for offers, many offer great discounts  and shipping free for the season , grab the deals!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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