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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diamond strength and Energy Stones How to care for your Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a girls best friend! woman's best friend and I love Diamonds! Not only do they represent strength and stability, they also have an aura of beauty, elegant and exclusive style. Diamond stone jewellery has been loved since ages and with today we see modern contemporary expressions in diamond studded jewelry. from abstract designs to irregular and off beat diamond jewelry and that too affordable, is taking a liking among teens and young ladies. These designs are not only affordable but these diamond jewelry pieces are easy to maintain and also come in the daily wear range. 
I personally have this favorite stone, diamonds are so beautiful and ear rings with such unique classy designs are available in affordable price range. Finer rings rule the diamond range as they are always symbols of strength and often chosen for wedding rings .
How to care for modern diamond studded jewellery-
1) Diamonds are really very strong stones,  gemstones need to be  securely and firmly fixed and also if possible with proper support , hence only buy from reputed Diamond jewelry brands.
2) Diamonds shine and sparkle, yet exposure to fumes and oily products may dull their shine over use.  will need to be maintained clean to keep their sparkle and shine,  crystal clear sparkly diamonds only will reflect light and make your jewelry stand out and look good and any dust or grime accumulated will spoil the finish of diamond stones.
3) Cleaning procedures need to be done with care. use of soft muslin cloth dipped in mild washing solution diluted with water and never use soaps or abrasive sponges to clean diamonds or any gemstones in your excusite jewellery. Wiping cloth must not have loose threads hanging out as they will get stuck in contemporary designs of your diamond jewellery while cleaning.
4) Try to keep your diamond jewelry away from exposure to direct sunlight and avoid places where they will be exposed to strong winds and dust , rain. 
5) Always store your diamond jewelry in soft silk layered jewellery box, and separate from other gemstone jewellery. 

For the Love of Gemstones!
Light reflecting from your diamonds is what will make the arty jewellery piece look great so see that you wear them in proper well lit environment,  to bring out the best beauty in them.

One great contemporary diamond solitaire studded ring is enough to make eyes turn and your guests awestruck! Dont forget to always buy from reputed stores and always take a certificate of originality.
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  1. Thanks You for this Detailed Article on How to care for Diamonds.

    Amit lamba

    1. Thank you Amit Lamba for liking my blog! and the wonderful comment. Welcome to Obsessed Over Stones!

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